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Here’s What It’s Like to Do Live Reporting on Online Poker

Live poker events are littered with poker reporters standing at the ready to capture the action. In the coronavirus era, with all poker having temporarily moved online, there’s now live reporting of online poker events for the first time.

Christian Zetzsche describes how this new experience working from home is different from the regular gig that has him traversing the globe.

Get to Know the Poker Media: Tim Duckworth

Tim Duckworth is the latest interviewee in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker media series and it was a privilege to learn more about him. He is one of many live reporters who traverse the world documenting hand-by-hand poker play for our entertainment.

Beyond learning about Tim’s career, we also get a peek into what the work of a live reporter entails. We hope you’ll enjoy the read as much as we enjoyed conducting the interview.

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