Isildur1 Signs with PokerStars, Real Name is Actually Viktor Blom

The high stakes online poker pro known to the world simply as Isildur1 has finally “gone public”, revealing himself to be none other than Viktor Blom. PokerStars scored a coup, signing Isildur1 to become one of their site pros and promising that his identity would soon be revealed. Keeping to their word, PokerStars reportedly has big plans for Viktor Blom this year.

Isildur a No-show at PartyPoker’s Big Game IV

As mentioned in a recent blog post, the world has been waiting for Isildur1’s live poker debut with nothing less than bated breath. To the many eager eyes, however, Mr. Isildur1 has backed out of his scheduled appearance at PartyPoker’s Big Game IV in London, which is to take place today at Les Ambassadeurs hotel. Despite the best efforts of the event’s promoter, Tony G., which reportedly included an offer to let Isildur1 remain masked during poker play, Isildur1 apparently didn’t want to expose his face to the public (talk about a tight image!). So the “big game” just got a bit smaller, but still features plenty of big names, like Tony G., Justin Bonomo, and Academy Award winning actress (and former WSOP Ladies champ) Jennifer Tilly. Nonetheless, I’m positive many thousands of people who had originally planned on watching the event later this year (yours truly included) will now…

Unmasking Isildur

They say that nowadays poker is a solved game… Well one mystery the poker community is still trying to solve is “Who is Isildur?” The poker phenom known only as Isildur1 became famous almost instantly by racking up millions of dollars online faster that you can say “bankroll”! Moving up to the highest of nosebleed stakes, Isildur counts among his conquests huge scores against the likes of Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan. Just as amazingly, he lost millions in just a few sessions to a “triumvirate” of math specialists, most notably Brian Hastings, who used data mining to “figure out his game”. Nonetheless, Isildur is still a force to be reckoned with, and is currently once again on his way up to the higher stakes online But there’s some good news: The man himself (maybe it’s a woman?) will soon make a public appearance on TV, in PartyPoker’s Big Game…