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7 Big Name Poker Players Who’ve Made Big Time Comebacks

Unfortunately, some of the once-biggest names in poker end up becoming the subject of questions like “what ever happened to that guy?” The true greats of the game, however, manage to pull themselves together and stage mighty comebacks to return to prominence.

In this article we list 7 of the best big name poker players to have mounted career comebacks. It’s not a complete list, but those who appear on it are certainly deserving of mention.

Aussie Millions to Stage Tournament of Champions This Weekend

It’s late January and that means it’s time for the Aussie Millions, the Southern Hemisphere’s richest poker tournament! Cardplayer Lifestyle has learned that event organizers will be staging a special Tournament of Champions, where all past Main Event winners will vie for a “golden ticket”, guaranteeing them free entry for life to all future Aussie Millions Main Events.