Top 3 Tips for Bluffing in No-Limit Hold’em

Bluffing at the poker table isn’t something that should be done at random or with careless abandon. It’s an important tool for any poker player to have, but you’ve got to be prepared to bluff effectively and in the right spots.

In this article Tadas Peckaitis gives his top three tips for bluffing in no-limit hold’em. While the advice itself might not seem groundbreaking, it’s the attention one pays to detail when carrying out bluffs that can be the difference-maker in the long run as regards profitability.

Poker Tips By George: Stealing and Other Forms of Deception in Poker

In this third and final installment of George “the Engineer” Epstein’s miniseries on bluffing, he expands on stealing and other forms of deception in poker.

Covering check-raising, sandbagging, and slow-playing, among other topics, here’s another article that will equip you with some useful tools to utilize at the tables, whether you’re playing poker online or in a brick and mortar poker room.

Poker Tips By George: Bluffing is Essential!

In his ongoing series of strategy pieces, George “the Engineer” Epstein reminds us that bluffing is essential. This might seem relatively obvious, even to beginner poker players. What might not be as obvious, however, is hot to mix up said bluffs so as to ensure their effectiveness.

Specifically, George reviews the concept of the Esther Bluff, a tried and true method that’s been scientifically proven to be effective at the poker tables.

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