Texas Hold’em Questions Poker Bluffing Course: Full Review (Updated 2024)

By Robbie Strazynski
January 06, 2021

This bluffing course, by Texas Hold’em Questions, is a thorough investigation, analysis and explanation into six necessary bluff types to be used in Texas Hold’em. The course gives careful attention to ensure you fully understand the why, how and when of bluffing – something even experienced players could do with remembering at times! The company’s Director, Narciso Baldo, believes that the course is most useful for cash game players, where pulling off bluffs can help your hourly win rate. With that said, the material can certainly be applied in tournaments, too, but some bluffs require deeper stacked play.

The course is broken down into 6 modules, containing 6 PDFs of content, each between 1,200 and 1,600 words in length. Each module is broken down into a consistent and easy to understand format:

  • Introduction
  • When it works and why
  • Who to do the bluff against
  • 4 Example hands and analysis (2 good, 2 bad)
  • Summary and tips
  • Quiz link


True to form, Texas Hold’em Questions provides a quiz at the end of each module. It’s a practical way of ensuring that you are fully understanding the course material. Unlike the company’s continuation bet course, there are areas that get manually marked. I like this nice touch as it allows for personal feedback on answers that require you to enter your thoughts.

A mark of 70% is required to pass each module. Naturally, you can take the quizzes as much as you’d like but its advised you re-read course material before taking a quiz again. This has always proven to be a great way to learn and internalize new concepts.

Perfect for Beginners, Regs, ABC Players and TAGs

The Texas Hold’em Questions Bluffing course is great for those of you who are playing loads and maybe missing bluffing opportunities, need some mental exercise or even disregarding certain bluff types. When was the last time you successfully pulled off a river check raise? It’s also useful for standard ABC players at low stakes. Solid poker can help you win at low stakes but if you need that push to improve, this bluffing course might just be it. It’s also a great way to introduce calculating bluffing to new players as the format is language is very clear and easy to understand.


The Texas Hold’em Questions Bluffing course is available for a one-time fee of $74.99 (10% off with our discount code: CPL). It was created with a target audience in mind of low- to mid-stakes players and is a “snap call”. If mastering just one of the bluffs the course covers helps your long-term win-rate, you’re investing wisely.

FREE Sample

Texas Hold’em Questions are offering a free snippet from one of the modules for those potentially interested in purchasing the course. All you need to do is email [email protected]. This will give you an idea of the content quality, writing style and what the course covers. Just say Robbie from Cardplayer Lifestyle sent you and remember to use our discount code CPL if you decide to purchase the course so you get 10% off.

Here’s a free introduction video too:



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