2019 PSPC Recap: Vlog + Photo Essay

Over my time at the 2019 PSPC in the Bahamas, I took a number of pictures to help me remember the great times I had there. I’ve curated them through multiple Tweets and pictures and have also published a video highlight clip to help capture what the entire experience was like.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the trip “through my eyes” and that it’ll perhaps convince you that making your way to the Bahamas next January is a worthwhile proposition.

5 Exotic Live Poker Destinations

Seen everything Las Vegas poker has to offer? Tired of the same poker rooms you always visit in Atlantic City? Looking for a new exotic poker destination to visit? We’ve compiled a list of 5 exotic live poker destinations that would be sure to reinvigorate your passion for the game. Visit any of these places and aside from playing some fun poker you’re all but assured a phenomenal trip!