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running well

For years, poker players have made headlines raising money for charity. Who’s to say that poker fans and media members can’t put forth the time, effort, and dedication to do a little charitable fundraising, too?

In 2015, I started the “Running Well” campaign, where I donated $1 to Kids Kicking Cancer for every kilometer I ran (over 140km)

In 2016, I extended the campaign to also include an additional $5 donation each time I played tennis (31 times + over 250km run)

In 2017, I’m REALLY getting ambitious: it’s time for the 1,000km Charity Poker Challenge.

At the very minimum, I hope to achieve my goal, and end up donating $1,000 to Kids Kicking Cancer by the end of the year. My greater hope is to also raise money for charity from the poker community by having them support the cause.

Ready to pledge your support? Email Robbie.

All running and overall progress is tracked on Twitter with the hashtag #charitypoker1000km, and I’ll be giving more general updates in my monthly newsletter.

I’m also laying down the gauntlet with a public challenge to Daniel Negreanu, Bill Perkins, and Antonio Esfandiari, who are all well known for living and promoting healthy lifestyles, generously donating to charity, and also loving a good prop bet challenge, to match my $1,000 donation if I make it to 1,000km by the end of the year.

If you’d like to support the cause, either with a monetary pledge or by spreading awareness through writing about it on your poker website, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

*Please note that while pledges are made to me, all monies are to be donated directly to Kids Kicking Cancer.

Ready to pledge your support? Email Robbie

Want to learn more about Kids Kicking Cancer? Watch the video below:



*As of December 10, 2017, I have completed 950/1,000km


Robbie Strazynski | $1 per kilometer | Total = $1,000

Gabi & Rivke Sackett | $.10 per kilometer | Total = $100

Donnie Peters | $.25 per kilometer | Total = $250

Matthew Lanouette | $.10 per kilometer | Total = $100

Meir Goldberg | $.18 per kilometer | Total = $180

Jan Fisher | $.50 per kilometer | Total = $500

Michael Pagano | $.13 per kilometer | Total = $130

Linda Johnson | $.25 per kilometer | Total = $250

Jaime Staples | $.50 per kilometer | Total = $500

Ory Weihs | $.50 per kilometer | Total = $500

David Gutfreund | $.09 per kilometer | Total = $90

Additional supporters + pledges to be named here 


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Name Pledge amount Date of Pledge 2016 Running Aces Total
Robbie Strazynski $1 per kilometer + $5 per tennis match Entire year 2016 $407.90
Yuval Dayan $20  July, 2016  $20



Name Pledge amount Date of Pledge 2015 Running Well Totals
Robbie Strazynski $1 per kilometer Entire year, 2015 $142.80
Linda Johnson $10 per kilometer May, 2015 $336
Jan Fisher $10 per kilometer May, 2015 $336

Ready to pledge your support? Email Robbie

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