1,000km Charity Poker Challenge – Running Well

For years, poker players have made headlines raising money for charity. Who is to say that poker fans and media members can’t put forth the time, effort, and dedication to do a little charitable fundraising, too?

running well

After taking a year off, in 2020, I’ll be running 1,000km once again while donating $1 per kilometer to Save a Child’s Heart. Their mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children in developing countries and to improve the health and welfare of all children, regardless of the child’s nationality, religion, color, gender, or financial situation.

All running and overall progress is tracked on Twitter, as I add new Tweets to this initial one from January 1:

If you or the company you work for would like to support the cause, either with a monetary pledge or by spreading awareness through writing about my Running Well challenge on your website, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

*Please note that while pledges are made to me, all monies are to be donated directly to Save a Child’s Heart.

Ready to pledge your support? Email Robbie

To learn more about Save a Child’s Heart, please watch the video below:

2020 Donors


NamePledge amount2020 Running Well Pledge
Robbie Strazynski$1 per kilometer$1,000
Michael Pagano$.25 per kilometer$250
Ory Weihs$1 per kilometer$1,000
George and Sue Epstein$.10 per kilometer$100
Matt Hansen$75 general donation$75
Jeff Platt$1 per kilometer$1,000
gr8fulmouse$.18 per kilometer$180
Sorel Mizzi$.30 per kilometer$300
Rebecca McAdam-Willetts$.15 per kilometer$150
Barry Carter$45 general donation$45
Chad McVean$150 general donation$150
Nikhil Segal$10 general donation$10
Mitch Mandel$215 general donation$215
Anonymous$700 general donation$700
Yishai & Bellischa Mendelsohn$100 general donation$100
Elliot Roe$100 general donation$100
Matt Brooks$180 general donation$180
Mitchell Cogert$100 general donation$100
Haley Hintze$50 general donation$50
Calum Grant$20 general donation$20
Dano Arluison$80 general donation$80
Matt Savage$15 general donation$15
Dano Arluison$30 general donation$30

2018 Donors

NamePledge amount2018 Running Well Pledge
Robbie Strazynski$1 per kilometer + $316 in general donations$1,316
*Corporate sponsor: Run It Once$1 per kilometer$1,000
Simcha Simon$.05 per kilometer$50
Michael Pagano$.25 per kilometer$250
*Corporate sponsor: PokerStars$1 per kilometer$1,000
Jaime Staples$1 per kilometer$1,000
Jan Fisher$1 per kilometer$1,000
Ory Weihs$1 per kilometer$1,000
*Corporate sponsor: Howtoplaypokerinfo.com$.10 per kilometer$100
Christina Bradfield$20 general donation$20
Ben Jardine$.10 per kilometer$100
Anonymous$.20 per kilometer$200
Anonymous$26 general donation$26
*Corporate sponsor: Finofin LTD$222 general donation$222
George Epstein$.10 per kilometer$100
David Edel$.77 per kilometer$770
Gabriel Krncan$11 general donation$11
Anonymous$238 general donation$238
Mitchell Cogert$.10 per kilometer$100
Nolan Dalla$75 general donation$75
Daiva Byrne$32 general donation$32
Barry Carter$113 general donation$113
Chad McVean$.10 per kilometer$100
Dr. Josef & Judy Strazynski$.30 per kilometer$300
James Guill$25 general donation$25
Stephen Bartley$27 general donation$27
Jayne Furman$25 general donation$25
Anonymous$.05 per kilometer$50
Bernard Lee$.10 per kilometer$100
Don Andrews$.10 per kilometer$100
David Tuchman$.10 per kilometer$100
Dan Ross$.10 per kilometer$100
Aleeyah Jadavji$25 general donation$25
John Byrne$25 general donation$25
Mike Patrick$40 general donation$40
Yishai & Bellischa Mendelsohn$36 general donation$36
Jeff Platt$.10 per kilometer$100
Shirley Ang$33 general donation$33
Pamela Wilson$20 general donation$20
Pat McMath$.10 per kilometer$100
John Hesp$158 general donation$158

Total funds raised: $10,187! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated towards the cause and supported me throughout the year! TOGETHER, our effort won the 2018 Global Poker Award for Charitable Initiative of the Year.

2017 Donors

NamePledge amount2017 Running Well Total
Robbie Strazynski$1 per kilometer$1,000
Gabi & Rivke Sackett$.10 per kilometer $100
Donnie Peters$.25 per kilometer$250
Matthew Lanouette$.10 per kilometer$100
Meir Goldberg$.18 per kilometer$180
Jan Fisher$.50 per kilometer$500
Michael Pagano$.13 per kilometer$130
Linda Johnson$.25 per kilometer$250
Jaime Staples$1 per kilometer$1,000
Ory Weihs$.50 per kilometer$500
David Gutfreund$.09 per kilometer$90

Total funds raised: $4,100! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated towards the cause and supported me throughout the year!

2016 Donors

NamePledge amountDate of Pledge2016 Running Aces Total
Robbie Strazynski$1 per kilometer + $5 per tennis matchEntire year 2016$407.90
Yuval Dayan$20 July, 2016 $20

 2015 Donors

NamePledge amountDate of Pledge2015 Running Well Totals
Robbie Strazynski$1 per kilometerEntire year, 2015$142.80
Linda Johnson$10 per kilometerMay, 2015$336
Jan Fisher$10 per kilometerMay, 2015$336


  • In 2015, I started the “Running Well” campaign, where I donated $1 to Kids Kicking Cancer for every kilometer I ran (over 140km)
  • In 2016, I extended the campaign to also include an additional $5 donation each time I played tennis (31 times + over 250km run)
  • In 2017, I got really ambitious and challenged myself to run the 1,000km Charity Poker Challenge, and I crossed the finish line with about 1 week to spare!
  • In 2018, I completed my second 1,000km Charity Poker Challenge, with the beneficiary being the Save a Child’s Heart organization. The initiative received the support of over 40 separate donors, to the tune of over $10,000 raised and was the recipient of the Global Poker Award for Charitable Initiative of the Year.

Ready to pledge your support? Email Robbie


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