RecPoker Podcast | Ep 180 – Facing Frequent Shoves Online

On this week’s episode, #180, the panel discusses how to handle the situation that comes up often in long re-entry, big field, small buy-in tournaments online; and that situation is having those players that frequently are shoving 30, 40, even 70 big blind stacks over an open raise. It can be frustrating to face, but what do we do?

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Time Stamps

0:00Welcome & Introduction
1:40Chatting about playing online and facing frequent 3-bet shoves
9:10Considering ranges for opening and then calling big shoves
11:35Considering an open limping strategy
26:10Considering ICM and Future Skill Edge
38:35Round Robin: Taylor going for $10k in the LPP Final Table – Virtual Zoom Rail
41:13Round Robin: John – Online Home Game Updates & Winners
44:10Round Robin: Chris – Membership Content (Strat Chat & Seminar)
45:09Round Robin: Andrew – Learning with Partners update
46:07Round Robin: Rob – Book Study update (Matt Matros, The Game Plan)
48:45Round Robin: JimSomsky 4-betting Jim
49:48Round Robin: SteveKian wins the Online Play and Hang with Maria Ho, Chris Moneymaker, and Lexy Gavin!
52:20Closing Comments & thank sponsors

Steve Fredlund poker author
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Steve Fredlund

Steve Fredlund is the host of the RecPoker podcast and Rec.Poker website, both of which are committed to building a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. Steve also works diligently to encourage people live their most fulfilling lives through coaching, speaking and writing; information about that is at stevefredlund.com.


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