The RecPoker panel of Steve Fredlund, Jim Reid, Chris Jones, Rob Washam, John Somsky, and Andrew Feist chat with Chris Moneymaker, winner of the WSOP Main Event in 2003 resulting in the “Moneymaker Effect” that included a tripling of the Main Event field the very next year. We talk WSOP, recreational player strategy, and the importance of learning in the context of community.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:02 Chris Moneymaker whines about making his first visit on RecPoker
4:10 Moneymaker: Reflections on the “Moneymaker effect”
8:10 Moneymaker: His draw to smaller stake tournaments
10:00 Moneymaker: Initial draw to playing poker and the WSOP
11:30 Moneymaker: Was it $40 or $86 that turned into $2.5 million?
13:40 Moneymaker: Why was he the guy to grow the game when a rec won it the year before?
16:30 Moneymaker: Lack of characters in today’s game
18:37 Moneymaker: What will it take for another poker boom?
20:28 Moneymaker: Listener question (Rob Adsem) The famous K7 bluff vs Farha
25:30 Moneymaker: How has your game changed?
30:30 Moneymaker: Advice for rec players
34:30 Moneymaker: Talking to your opponents for information
36:20 Moneymaker: Favorite game to play
39:30 Moneymaker: Recruiting Chris to play our mixed game July 8
40:30 Moneymaker: Listener questions (Chris & Jen Nelson) Any chance of live US WSOP series this year?
42:47 Moneymaker: Outlook for online poker in the US
45:02 Moneymaker: Rob thanks Chris for his for authentic passion
47:04 Moneymaker: Final words, “I hope Jim’s not a crier”
47:47 Panel reflections on the discussion
52:55 Round Robin: John – Home Game Updates including Winners
59:09  Round Robin: Chris – Membership Content update
1:00:30 Round Robin: Andrew – Content Partners update
1:01:16 Round Robin: Rob – Book Study updates (Matt Matros, The Game Plan
1:05:40 Round Robin: Jim – Additional thoughts on Moneymaker
1:07:05 Round Robin: SteveOPaH Open (Zoom for anyone on Tuesday!), pins
1:10:10 Closing comments