Every month, members at rec.poker enjoy a seminar put together by the RecPoker Podcast Panel, led by Membership Content Director Chris Jones. For July, the seminar is all about bluffing and we felt this was a great opportunity to showcase the seminars while providing the podcast audience with some great discussion on the art/science of bluffing.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:36 National Collegiate Poker Tour update
2:56 Bluffing: Floats
10:12 Bluffing: Scare Cards
13:45 Bluffing: River Bluff
20:41 Round Robin: Jim (subbing for John) – Home Game Updates including Winners
22:40 Round Robin: Taylor – PokerStars mobile
23:25 Round Robin: Rob – Book Study updates (Matt Matros, The Game Plan
25:07  Round Robin: Chris – Membership Content update
25:52 Round Robin: Andrew – Content Partners update
26:25 Round Robin: Jim – Thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy 40th Jim!
27:08 Round Robin: Steve – Next Online Play & Hang (OPaH) recap with Sara Herring and June merchandise order
29:10 Closing comments