The World’s Most Famous Poker Tournament Series

By Marcus Harmon
November 08, 2023

From the moment the cards are dealt and the tension begins to fill the air, poker starts to come alive. According to The Guardian, this game combines luck, strategy, and mental agility and leads us to live exciting and adrenaline-filled challenges that have made this one of the favorite games at the tables.

However, poker is much more than a game, as it has evolved into a scenario where players compete to achieve success and win attractive cash prizes. This has paved the way for elite competitions that captivate fans and experts worldwide through different formats, which we enjoy on television, physical tournaments, or online events using apps and electronic devices.

There are several types of poker competitions; some of them stand out for their reputation and the impact they have on millions of players around the world.

On this occasion, we will look at the most important poker tournament series in the world, from the World Series of Poker to the World Poker Tour to the European Poker Tour to the incredible online tournaments of the World Championship of Online Poker.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP)

Let’s start our selection with the World Series of Poker (WSOP). With impressive worldwide recognition, this tournament series attracts thousands of players from all over the planet. The WSOP competes with high-performance players who seek the visibility that can bring them the reputation of this event, in addition, of course, to its attractive cash prizes. In this tournament series, we have seen some of the most exciting games in the poker world, starring some of the most famous stars in this game, which has undoubtedly contributed to its growth and popularity in the world. Beyond the WSOP, the brand has branched out to also include the World Series of Poker Circuit and the World Series of Poker Europe, which are held in the United States and Europe, respectively, but are followed from all corners of the world.


The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

Another poker tournament series that is among the most famous is the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). This tournament series was designed to be held exclusively online, an alternative that is becoming more and more popular thanks to the growth of online poker platforms. The World Championship of Online Poker has managed to bring together professional players in international-level competitions, leaving aside geographical barriers.

Undoubtedly, these types of tournaments have opened up opportunities for players of all types, regardless of their experience or location, allowing them to develop and hone their playing skills.

Talking of online poker, it is worth noting that, in addition, all new players must be prepared to participate in casinos. And what better option than to train your skills in the best online casinos? Besides, they can always offer a series of benefits, such as bonuses, which improve the winnings as long as you play with real money. Welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses are some of the many that can be found among the multitude that exist, as you can see in CasinoBonusCA. These incentives make the online gaming experience even more attractive.

The World Poker Tour (WPT)

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a tournament series that was first founded by Steve Lipscomb, Mike Sexton, and Linda Johnson whose reach extends beyond the confines of America and Europe. This tournament series allows games to take place in casinos all over the world which are broadcast on television. The WPT’s format has facilitated the internationalization of poker tournaments, attracting the attention of players from all corners of the globe. Notwithstanding its global scope, many of the World Poker Tour’s premier tournaments, including the WPT World Championship, have taken place in Las Vegas casinos, the city being considered the epicenter of poker competitions. Since its first broadcast in 2002, the WPT has experienced steady growth, gaining significant fame and recognition and offering an engaging experience for viewers.

WPT World Championship

The European Poker Tour (EPT)

The European Poker Tour (EPT) is a tournament series focused on Europe, coverage of which you can often find right here on Cardplayer Lifestyle. However, it has gained such significant prominence within the gaming industry that it has transcended European borders, positioning itself as one of the most important poker tournament series in the world. This tournament series was first launched in 2004, and since then, it has garnered undeniable popularity, thanks to television broadcasts reaching audiences across the European territory.

EPT Barcelona

The European Poker Tour allows players from all over Europe, as well as those who fly in from elsewhere around the world, to compete at professional tables. As a result, the European player community has been growing year by year, finding in the European Poker Tour a platform where they can showcase their skills in a high-level environment.

These poker tournament series represent just a small part of the exciting competitions that have adapted worldwide, each establishing its allure and style, attracting players from all corners of the globe seeking recognition and prizes. Regardless of your location or gaming preference, whether in the physical world or online, these tournaments have allowed players to demonstrate their skills by facing off against the world’s best.



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