Top 5 Poker Hand Calculators for Online Poker Players

By David Huber
October 12, 2023

Poker hand calculators are an entertaining and informative tool that help new poker players become familiar with hand strength and win percentages.

Since many beginner poker players gain experience from actual online poker play (where more hands can be seen per hour), a poker hand calculator can be a vital tool in understanding poker odds as they relate to board runouts when two or more players are all in.

Below, we’ll provide a basic summary of what new players should expect from a poker hand calculator, explain why it is important to calculate poker hand odds, and list a few of the more popular free options for calculating poker hands.

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Free Poker Hand Calculators for Calculating Poker Hands

A quick internet search will yield numerous free poker hand calculators. All of these have been popular options for beginning players throughout the years, and have varying functionality as it pertains to calculating Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker hands.

A few websites that will probably appear on the first page include Poker Odds Calculator programs offered by CardsChat, PokerNews, 888poker, PokerListings, and Card Player. Some of the programs are only capable of calculating poker hands for Texas Hold’em, while others can also serve as an automatic poker odds calculator for more intricate games like Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and Hi/Lo variants.

Poker Calculator by 888poker

The online poker hand calculator offered by 888poker is built to aid poker players in deciphering poker odds linked to Texas Hold’em games only.

Users can click on the ADD PLAYER option to input hole cards and/or tap on the area in the middle of the virtual table to insert community cards. A total of 10 players can be calculated at once with a total of 45 cards combined maximum capacity for the online calculator tool.

To insert individual cards under a player’s prompt, you’ll need to click or tap on the question mark symbol. This will bring up a virtual deck of 52 cards to choose from. Any card that is chosen to be displayed will subsequently be removed as an option – a convenient feature that saves time for poker players who are using this poker odds calculator.

Overall, the 888poker virtual hand calculator is a very practical tool for poker players of any skill level who are interested in calculating Texas Hold’em odds. Both community cards and player hole cards can be inserted with a simple click or tap, and the odds correspondingly change as cards are added/removed from the software program.

If you are making use of this program from a desktop or laptop computer, the calculator’s software will adapt to the window being made smaller or larger in a “reflexive” manner that has become the standard for window resizing when using a personal computer.

PokerNews Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator

The PokerNews poker odds calculator is exclusively for Texas Hold’em hands It can accommodate up to nine players and five community cards – for a total combined card count of 43.

Since PokerNews is a major affiliate for internet poker sites, you may need to occasionally close pop-up windows that prompt new players to sign-up for a new account when using the calculator.

Marketed as the “most advanced” Texas Hold’em odds calculator, the online module provided by PokerNews will require fewer clicks or taps in order to insert cards. Users can also virtually “fold” out specific players so that the visuals more accurately represent the pre-recorded or hypothetical actions.

Similar to other high quality online poker card calculators, the PokerNews software will automatically update odds as cards are input and/or removed for a more fluid user experience.

The PokerNews Texas Hold’em odds calculator page is also reflexive, meaning that you can comfortably change the dimensions of your browsing window (when using a personal computer) without having to subsequently scroll through content manually.

If you’re using a printer, the software can be toggled to provide a high quality print out of the content that is currently being displayed within the webpage.

CardsChat Poker Odds Calculator

This online software program is the “#1” resource of its kind and is extremely versatile. The CardsChat poker odds calculator can be used to input hands from multiple poker variants, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz, and Hi/Lo (Eight or Better) games.

The Flop, Turn, and River community cards are conveniently separated graphically to make for a more aesthetic product, and your personal computer window can be resized without losing the main features of the calculator.

There is, however, one small drawback to the CardsChat poker odds calculator, and that is the need for users to manually scroll down to place and remove individual cards into the calculator. Most resources of this type contain a separate window for card selection and removal, but you’ll need to manually scroll down within the web-based resource in order to select virtual cards.

Once you have accessed a particular player’s card selection area, the software will automatically move slots each time a new card is input. To remove or change a card, you’ll need to click or tap on that specific card and then tap on the ‘X’ option to send it back into the virtual pile of selectable cards.

What’s more, the CardsChat module is reviewed by Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace and formally endorsed by poker pro Jeff Gross.

PokerListings Hand Wins Calculator

The PokerListings poker odds calculator is a bit unique in its layout and is able to accommodate hand calculations for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz, and Hi/Lo poker variants.

One thing to note about the PokerListings hand wins calculator webpage is that you can only add up to 7 players total to the calculation. So for Texas Hold’em games, this will allow a user to input a total of 18 cards combined (two or each of the seven players plus only four community cards).

In other words, you won’t be allowed to input an actual River card using the PokerListings product, but it remains an extremely viable (and free) resource for poker poker players of all skill levels to make use of.

Card Player Texas Hold’em Odds Calculator

The Card Player Texas Hold’em odds calculator has a couple of unique features.

For one, users can insert “dead cards” into any calculation. Secondly, the available virtual card pile is located at the top of the module, which makes for easy insertion or removal – as long as your window size is large enough to encompass the whole software display.

The major drawback of the Card Player calculator is that the program’s webpage itself is not reflexive, and will not adapt to smaller browser window sizes. This means that you’ll need to manually scroll through the different graphic areas of the tool if your window size is smaller than optimal.

The Card Player odds calculator is for Texas Hold’em hands only, and allows for up to 10 players, five community cards, and 14 “dead cards.” You can make use of an entire 52-card virtual deck when using this free resource to calculate Texas Hold’em hand odds.

Why Are Poker Hand Calculators So Popular?

A poker hand calculator online can not only be a fun way to learn about poker odds and potential card runouts, it can also improve one’s understanding of poker odds and poker hand rankings in general.

Once you’ve toggled different controls and virtual card features on a poker hand calculator, you can then move on to different concepts including poker pot odds.

If you have a hand history, you can insert the virtual cards manually into a poker odds calculator to find out how large of a percentage-based advantage or disadvantage certain players had to show down a winning hand in that situation.

Poker odds calculators are also very helpful for “all in” hands in which two or more players have committed all their chips and only have to wait for the remaining community cards to be dealt in order to determine a winner.

Are There Other Free Poker Resources Available on the Internet?

Yes, there are numerous free resources on the internet that can aid beginners in learning how to play poker, plus content that is published on forums and social media. This content covers a very wide range of topics, and can help any poker player grasp poker concepts that are frequently encountered by any poker player: live or online.

Another great free resource is the existence of live poker streams and archived poker content that can be found on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

What About Premium Resources Online for Poker Players?

If poker is “in your veins,” you really can’t go wrong with a PokerGO premium subscription that can be purchased for around $100 per year (or monthly for approximately $15 each billing cycle).

PokerGO has extremely entertaining, archived content that dates back to the early 2000s along with marquee live streaming rights to blockbuster tournaments hosted annually at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas (Paris and Horseshoe Casinos).

What’s more, PokerGO routinely updates its content and hosts exclusive podcasts that feature interviews with many of poker’s biggest personalities: including Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and many more.

If you’re looking to take your poker game to the next level, or want to improve your skills in a way that allows you to turn a profit at a specific game variant and stake level, you might want to consider premium poker training sites.

Many of these services can be purchased for a one-time fee or monthly subscription cost.

Thanks to the evolution of internet programming, fans can also subscribe to their favorite live poker streams and support individual channels through subscription services offered by YouTube and Twitch channels.

Which Poker Hand Odds Calculator is Best for You?

When it comes to deciphering which poker odds calculator is best for an individual poker player, the features within the software itself will likely determine the utility of each product.

Are you looking for a tool that is mobile-friendly? One that allows for more players at the virtual table? A calculator that requires fewer clicks or taps to insert/remove cards? A webpage that can be made smaller without losing the overall functionality of the calculator itself? Perhaps you have a need for a calculator that can adapt to Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and Razz hands?

Try out each free poker hand calculator listed above to see which one is the right fit for you, and make sure to test different percentages on each program to see if there is a difference in the odds displayed for certain poker scenarios.

Discover through actual use which online card calculator provides the best features for your individual poker entertainment and learning needs and have fun with any toggles that are programmed into the software.

Overall, a free online poker odds calculator is one of the best resources for beginning poker players to experiment with different poker scenarios and learn about poker odds. Have fun with the experience, and incorporate what you’ve learned into real life actions on the poker felts – both live and online.



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