RangeTrainerPro Review: The Best App for Memorizing GTO Ranges (Updated 2024)

By Ivan Potocki
February 25, 2021

Online poker has changed a lot over the past few years. To be a profitable player, especially at higher stakes, it’s no longer enough to just learn the basics and have “good poker skills”. The competition is growing tougher by the day and keeping up and not falling behind is a big challenge. Understanding poker math at a deep level is more important than ever, and those who manage to “master the numbers”, as it were, tend to have a qualitative advantage at the felt.

The concept of the Game Theory Optimal (GTO) play is one of the main ideas in modern day poker. Using the computing power of computers, programs known as solvers can compute the best mathematical decision for almost every scenario imaginable. If you can memorize the GTO solutions to poker scenarios, theoretically speaking your opponents will never be able to exploit you.

The big “issue”, of course, is that GTO play is extremely difficult to learn (we’re humans, after all, not computers!), and not just in terms of time and effort you should put in. Just learning to use solvers correctly can be a challenge of its own and something that most recreational and semi-recreational players can’t easily do.

Realizing that this is a big problem that creates a monopoly on knowledge of sorts, K.L. Cleeton teamed up with Matt McElligott to come up with a better, simpler, and widely accessible tool for learning GTO poker play. A couple of years of development later, the RangeTrainerPro app was born.


RangeTrainerPro App in a Nutshell

If you know anything about programs like PioSOLVER, you are probably aware of how complicated they are to use. These programs are very powerful tools to be sure, but they only work if you know what to do with them, and the learning curve is quite steep. Put bluntly, there’s a reason you usually hear high rollers discussing PioSOLVER and not low-stakes players.

RangeTrainerPro successfully removes this barrier in one fell swoop and represents a real breath of fresh air in the GTO training arena.

The app provides you with the visual interface for your ranges, whether you’re using the ones available on the site or importing your own. It then creates training scenarios for different spots you want to improve in.

Instead of trying to memorize the dry information, you can play through these scenarios and learn in a much more interactive and engaging way. You no longer have to be a math wizard to gain access to valuable information about GTO strategy and you can adopt it in a much more natural and intuitive way.

RangeTrainerPro Features

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are three different subscription models for the RangeTrainerPro app:

  • Free – allowing you to create and import unlimited ranges
  • RangeTrainerPro Premium ($144 a year or $15 a month) – create and import unlimited ranges, run unlimited training sessions, weighted ranges
  • Premium + Ranges ($360 a year or $40 a month) – everything from the Premium package + access to 900+ solved tournament GTO ranges

If you’re only interested in learning a particular part of the game tree, you can also buy individual ranges for situations like raise first in, playing vs. single raises, playing vs. 3-bets, and overcaling and squeezing. The total value of all the ranges you get with the yearly subscription is $1,650 if you were to buy them individually.

RangeTrainerPro Ranges

The app is currently focused on the tournament play, although you can also buy simplified ranges for 6-max cash games for $100. These aren’t included in the default $360 package.

If you want to optimize the learning time, RangeTrainerPro even lets you run several tables at the same time. Since most players are multi-tabling when playing online, this feature is very useful and right on point.

What’s So Revolutionary about RangeTrainerPro?

First of all, this app gives you the ability to learn all the “computer stuff” in a more human way. It helps you skip straight to the interesting and useful part, allowing you to learn GTO by playing out scenarios, making decisions, and fixing mistakes on the go.

The yearly subscription gives you a discount, but you are free to take things at your own pace. You can get involved for a month or two, drop out, and jump back in whenever you feel like it with no problems.

RangeTrainerPro Scenarios

The price you need to pay to get access to the ranges and the training platform is more than reasonable and more affordable for most people than having to dish out a few grand to buy all the ranges you need.

With RangeTrainerPro, you’re essentially “renting” these ranges to use them as much as you want when you feel like studying.

You can run trainer sessions even on your phone, which gives you full freedom to get some learning in whenever you have a bit of free time. All the ranges offered in the app have been built using solvers, millions of actual hands, and accounting for population tendencies.

RangeTrainerPro Trainer

More experienced players who are familiar with GTO and solvers can use the platform to build their own ranges or import premade PioSOLVER ranges.

RangeTrainerPro Version 2.0 Updates

In late 2023, version 2.0 of RangeTrainerPro was released. In addition to the software now being more tightly integrated within the LearnProPoker training program, highlights of the upgrade include:

Fully redesigned user interface resulting in:

  • Completely new layout based on user feedback
  • Optimization for zero load lag

A continually expanding database allowing for:

  • Aggregate reports for even more detail
  • More powerful EV and equity comparison
  • More spots than ever before

Completely reimagined trainer:

  • You can improve faster and more smoothly with their new training simulator
  • There’s new feedback in the system to allow for hyper focused study
  • You can train on multiple tables at the same time

The Verdict: Is RangeTrainerPro Worth the Money?

The fact of the matter is that everyone who plays poker wants to win. Even if you aren’t overly concerned about the money and poker is just a hobby for you, the game is simply more fun when you are winning.

RangeTrainerPro gives you a chance to significantly improve your game for a very reasonable price and in a way that you’ll have no problems understanding. So, I’d say that this program is definitely worth buying.

You get all the flexibility you need and the team working behind the scenes issues regular updates to their ranges to make them more relevant to the current online poker climate.

There are also some exciting changes and updates announced for the future, which should bring more options for cash game players, solutions for postflop situations, etc.

All in all, if you’ve been wanting to learn GTO but didn’t know where or how to start, I recommend checking out RangeTrainerPro. It is the simplest, most-intuitive tool for studying the GTO approach to poker you can get your hands on at the moment.

You’ll still have to put in the work, of course, but this platform can significantly boost your results in a very short time.



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