RangeConverter Review: Tools to improve your poker skills for NLHE Cash, MTTs, Short Deck, Spins & Hypers, PLO & PLO5

By Robbie Strazynski
September 11, 2023 is the go-to powerhouse toolkit for poker enthusiasts. They offer plenty of excellent resources to help you learn and perfect your game strategy through study and practice sessions.

Trusted by thousands of poker players to provide optimal strategy for their games, RangeConverter’s solutions have been used by many top pros since 2017, including Chris Brewer, Evan Jarvis, Johnnie “Vibes” Moreno, and Jeff Gross.

The newly implemented subscription brings top level tools and training within the reach of all players at a affordable price point.

A RangeConverter subscription will enable you to learn optimal poker strategy using advanced poker training, in depth analysis, and poker hand charts for every spot.

With a focus on GTO (Game Theory Optimal) methodologies, the RangeConverter platform boasts a huge solution library, catering to a wide range of game types and conditions.

There’s over 500 preflop sims and more than 1 million postflop solutions in the RangeConverter solution library. From NLHE cash games (HU-9max) to straddle games, MTTs, ICM, PKO, Spins, Hypers, Short Deck, PLO and PLO5, the platform’s breadth is unmatched.

Access to these solutions is broken up by game type. There are five you can choose from:

There are two types of subscriptions for each game type:

  • Range Reg gives full access to the preflop and postflop poker trainer, plus preflop access to the range viewer for all solutions of that game type.
  • Range Pro gives full access to the poker trainer, preflop and postflop access to the range viewer, plus aggregated reports for all solutions of that game type.

Both subscriptions also provide you with a 50% discount on downloadable preflop ranges for use in an offline solver.

RangeConverter viewer

Each subscription gives access to three main components to improve your game:

  • Lobby — to access all the different games available.
  • GTO Trainer — play against GTO bots, complete personalised preflop and postflop courses, and get instant feedback on your play.
  • Range Viewer — range charts, composition, breakdowns, and analysis for every situation imaginable.

There’s also a free option, where you can sign up at no cost and try out the trainer and viewer in action before subscribing.

Bespoke custom solutions are also available in any solver format, including the online viewer and trainer.

Subscription Options and Pricing

Use coupon code CPL for a 5% discount when subscribing!

Range Reg

  • Massive selection of games available to train in one sub.
  • Choose a game type and get access to all the games.
  • Preflop and postflop trainer, with personalised training courses to improve your poker strategy in key areas, and eliminate leaks.
  • Preflop viewer to learn the preflop strategies you need for your games.
  • From only $20/mo  (i.e., $239/year) for preflop viewer and trainer access to all games of that game type

Range Pro

  • All Reg benefits plus more.
  • Full preflop and postflop viewer to study in depth strategy from preflop to river.
  • Aggregated reports and graphing for every flop spot.
  • Switch between trainer and viewer for any spot, at any point in the game tree.
  • Save hours of solver time.
  • From only $67/mo for complete viewer and trainer access to all games of that game type.

App Highlights


  • Holistic Training: Complete preflop and postflop training for every spot.
  • Structured Learning: Personalised courses to enhance key areas of your game, prioritising the most important spots and common player mistakes in each area. Each solution in the library comes with a curated training program, allowing users to track progress and master essential skills.
  • Customisation: Create your own drills, customise starting ranges to train, and focus on specific hands or scenarios.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all skill levels, from beginners learning basic ranges to experienced players looking to sharpen their postflop strategies.


  • In-Depth Analysis: View complete ranges from preflop to river (Pro sub only), including range composition and EVs.
  • Advanced Reporting: Custom reporting and graphing provide answers to poker strategy queries. Discover which flops have the highest check-raise frequency in certain spots.
  • Strategy React Feature for Preflop and Postflop: This unique feature allows you to anticipate their opponent’s moves, ensuring you’re always one step ahead. Knowing when to bet-fold, bet-call, or bet-raise will help you make better decisions in real-time during a game.
  • Strategic Overviews: Packed with features for building a thorough strategic game plan. View strategies across different stack depths or view every active player’s strategy in a single spot. Turn and river heatmaps. Player vs player range breakdowns and comparisons.


  • Scale: Massive selection of games covered. Including Short Deck and other formats not found anywhere else.
  • Precision: Opening ranges, 3bet, 4bet, 5bet, multiway and heads-up defence ranges, squeezing ranges – the most complete preflop and postflop poker ranges available.
  • Complete: All 22,100 flops for every postflop spot solved (7140 for short deck).
  • Offline Options: Ranges are available for purchase and download for Cash, MTT and Spin & Go solutions for offline use in your favourite solver, from only $99.
  • Growing: New solutions added regularly. If your game isn’t available yet, get in touch with the team.

Conclusion is a must-have tool for poker players who want to improve their game. With its vast solution library, diverse game type coverage, and two comprehensive subscription models, it caters to both novices and seasoned pros.

The trainer and viewer are both easy to use, with good looking design and clean user interface.

Whether you’re looking to learn, practice, or master the art of poker, RangeConverter has everything you need to succeed in the competitive landscape at a competitive price that makes subscribing a no-brainer for the serious poker student.

It’s a valuable tool to have in your arsenal, and well worth checking out. Be sure to use the coupon code CPL for a 5% discount!



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