Poker Tips by George: Counterfeited at the Poker Table

By George Epstein
July 01, 2021

Since I started playing hold’em in the free online PlayWPT poker game, I have had some interesting experiences. Have you ever been counterfeited during a hand? It can easily cost you the pot. And that’s no fun! (Note: I much prefer playing at the casino, but will wait out the coronavirus pandemic.)

What is counterfeiting?

I can see where there could be confusion. Outside of the poker world, a counterfeiter is a person who deceives others by making a copy that looks like the original of something, usually for dishonest or illegal purposes. These items may appear safe and legitimate, but are manufactured and sold illegally – fully dishonest and immoral. Counterfeits are thieves. There are many types. Paper money and works of art are often counterfeited.

On the other hand…

At the poker table, a player’s poker hand is said to be counterfeited when a community card does not change the hand, but makes it more likely that an opponent’s hand will now beat it. It can happen in several different varieties of the game of poker, which you can play on sites around the world like gry hazardowe, including Texas hold’em. It’s the cards, not the opponent, that does it to you. (And don’t put the blame on the dealer!) When it happens, it is just a matter of chance (probability). Call it bad luck when you suffer the consequences and someone else wins the pot. Here’s what happened to me the other evening while playing limit hold’em online on PlayWPT.

In a middle position, I was dealt 10s-9s – not a great hand but certainly worth an investment to see the flop – especially if there are no raises and it is a multi-way with three or more staying to see the flop. So, I joined the fray along with four other players. The flop came down:


My hand had improved considerably! I now held top two-pair – a made hand – and three-card draws to a straight and a flush. All five of us called the opening bet by the Big Blind.

The Turn was the Js. Now, in addition to my top two-pair, I had improved to four-card draws to a flush and a straight, open at both ends. When the betting got to me, I was confident in my hand – perhaps too much so, and decided to raise it up. Two other players and I saw the River.

Much to my chagrin, the River was the Jc — another Jack. When the Big Blind came out betting, I was afraid that he may have outdrawn me. I considered all the facts: First of all, he did not seem to be a deceptive player, so he was not likely to be bluffing. That’s to my favor! But, with a pair of Jacks on the board, he could have caught trip-Jacks, a bigger two-pair than mine, or a straight. Then, he would have me beat. I pondered the situation and decided to call his bet anyway. There was just too much money in the pot…

Showdown: He turned up pocket-Aces and scooped the pot. His Aces-up beats my Jacks-up. My pair of 9s had been counterfeited when he caught his second pair of Jacks to go with his pocket-pair of Aces! What’s more, I had been rivered, too.

What can you do? It happens to all of us – just plain bad luck. Oh well, that’s poker…

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