The LearnWPT Philosophy: Functional Poker Strategy “For Normal Folks”

By James Guill
December 05, 2023

LearnWPT is a fantastic resource players can use to improve their poker game. In addition to their online training offering, which we’ve reviewed in the past, players can sign up for LearnWPT Live and participate in interactive seminars featuring instruction from top pros.

The most recent Tournament Strategy Workshop was held at Wynn Las Vegas, home of the 2023 WPT World Championship. Participants improved their poker game through experiential learning and were able to put those skills to the test for a shot at WPT glory.

At the workshop, Cardplayer Lifestyle founder Robbie Strazynski spoke with LearnWPT founder Adrian Naggy. They discussed the philosophy of LearnWPT and how players improved their skills in this interactive seminar.

LearnWPT Classroom

LearnWPT’s Focus on Functional Strategy over GTO

Many poker training sites spend a lot of time on the technical side of poker and studying Game Theory Optimal strategies. However, LearnWPT takes a different approach. When asked about the philosophy of LearnWPT, Naggy stated, “Poker is a game of people, and people have to make those decisions under various states of emotional stress.”

“There’s a lot of different factors, especially in a tournament, that can affect someone, and we really want to focus on functional strategy that draws out the strengths of the individuals that we’re training. We want people to become poker players that they’re comfortable with, and have real fun, and not be married to having to be perfect.”

While it is true that players can improve by studying GTO and technical aspects of poker, Naggy believes “If you’re not present and mindful about your strengths and weaknesses through your mental game and other things, that’s not going to do you a service.”

Adrian Naggy

LearnWPT founder Adrian Naggy

Naggy explained this, stating, “Most people will benefit from trying to stay present at the table, focusing on a few fundamentals, and focusing on execution first. In poker, you really have to learn by doing. And you have to learn by failing in a sense. So each time you make a mistake, it’s a point of growth.”

That doesn’t mean players won’t learn GTO, but it is not a primary focus. As explained by Naggy, “with the WPT GTO trainer, we’re introducing folks to Game Theory Optimal strategy, but we don’t want them to be tethered to the fact that there is a right or wrong answer because, realistically, there are good strategies, but there’s no decisively correct way to win a poker hand.”

What Material is Covered in a LearnWPT Seminar?

During the two-day seminar at Wynn Las Vegas, players learned from top pros Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Tony Dunst, and Eric “Rizen” Lynch. They learned techniques to improve pre-flop and post-flop play by studying techniques learned by top pros. Instruction covered all aspects of poker tournaments, including how to “close the deal” by learning strategies to improve short-handed, final table, and heads-up play.

Andrew Lichtengerber LearnWPT

Andrew Lichtenberger with LearnWPT students

The seminar was not limited to lectures. LearnWPT takes an experiential approach, meaning you learn by doing. The instructors become dealers and hold labs with the participants. Instructors deal simulated hands with real chips and cards. At the end of each hand, they turn cards up and examine if any mistakes were made, both pre-flop and beyond. They will analyze hands in real-time and give personalized feedback on how players are playing. Participants can ask questions about the hand and strategies to improve.

Tony Dunst with LearnWPT students

Tony Dunst with LearnWPT students

As Naggy explains, “It’s a real immersive style that allows people to get into that application of strategy right away and learn quick.”

Eric Rizen Lynch with LearnWPT students

Eric “Rizen” Lynch with LearnWPT students

Players Can Put Their New Skills to the Test Right Away

One benefit of those taking part in a LearnWPT seminar is the opportunity to put their new skills to the test. At the end of the seminar, a satellite was held among the participants. It played down to the final two players, with both finalists receiving a $1,100 seat in the upcoming 2023 WPT Prime Championship to be help on December 7, 2023.

The seminar at the WPT Championship is just the first of many. There will be future LearnWPT Live seminars across the country at marquee stops on the World Poker Tour. You can find out more about future workshops through LearnWPT’s website.

LearnWPT Lab work

While you may have missed out on the fantastic opportunity at Wynn Las Vegas, there’s still plenty to get out of LearnWPT both in-person and from the comfort of your home via their site. Their expert teachers will help you improve your poker strategy in cash games and tournaments. You can learn new strategies in 15 minutes or less through convenient strategy modules, as well as fix leaks in your play via their GTO Trainer.

Click here to find out more about LearnWPT and how you can start improving your poker game.



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