The Staples Brothers Accept Another Bill Perkins Bet – Double or Nothing!

By Robbie Strazynski
April 01, 2018

The entire poker world rejoiced a week ago when popular online poker streamers Jaime and Matt Staples won their prop bet with Bill Perkins. For those who somehow might’ve missed it, Perkins offered the Staples brothers 50:1 odds on a wager of $3,000 that each of them would have to weigh within 1 lb. of the other one year later. The bet was made on March 26, 2017 with Jaime weighing in at 304 lbs. and Matt weighing in at 135 lbs.

To be sure, the pair’s transformation over the past year was tremendous. With the help of fitness guru Mike Vacanti, Matt was able to pack on over 50 lbs. of mostly muscle, while Jaime shed a whopping 115+ lbs.!

With the weigh-in live streamed on Twitch 365 days later, on March 26, 2018, and being refereed by the very appropriately adorned Jeff Gross, Jaime and Matt locked up their victory by both weighing in at precisely 188.3 lbs.

Hugs were exchanged, tears of joy were shed, and the poker world was treated to three “men of the hour” – after all, let’s not forget that while the Staples brothers did all the legwork, it was Perkins who initially facilitated the bet and made it all happen.

A New Challenge Issued

Amidst the celebrations in the immediate aftermath of the #ultimatesweat challenge, however, new details have emerged that are only now coming to light. Apparently, hoping to reclaim some of his money, Perkins has issued a brand new challenge to the Staples brothers to return to their pre-bet weights. When we reached out to him, Perkins was happy to share some additional details:

“I rang the boys up and asked if they were interested in a ‘Double or Nothing Challenge’ and, of course I offered them the same 50:1 odds. They snap accepted my offer, which is pretty straightforward: each of them needs to get back to within 1 lb. of their pre #ultimatesweat weight by March 26, 2019” said Perkins.

The brothers didn’t waste a moment, and got to work immediately after their 188.3 lb. weigh-in, with Jaime devouring an entire pizza. Matt, for his part, was holding a full plate of salad in his hand, but reportedly only actually ate only one leaf, as seen in the picture below.

Staples pizza

There will once again be $150,000 on the line for the Staples brothers to win, as they were quite happy to put up a combined $3,000 for the bet. There’s one notable difference this time around, however, as the percentage split of the winner’s purse will be based on their respective weights, should they succeed. As such, Jaime stands to win about 69% or $103,500, while Matt will take home roughly 31%, or $46,500.

When questioned on whether he thought the 69:31 split was fair, Jaime’s response was instant. “If you look at it closely, that’s actually a very fair split,” said Jaime, “as I’ll have to be buying at least  twice as much food as Matty, so it’s all good. Also, Bill’s a really good sport, offering us another prop bet. He even sent me a bunch of fruit to wish me luck!”

“I’ve already eaten 137 of those bananas,” said Jaime. “I’ve just sent Matt to buy me some more. He’s been in the sauna, fasting, for the last week, so it’ll be good for him to get out a bit.”

Perkins noted that the poker world was welcome to follow the brothers’ progress on Twitter using the hashtag #doubleornothingfatboyslim. “You can also purchase #doubleornothingfatboyslim merchandise exclusively on, with apparel of course only available in sizes XXS and XXL,” he added, before jetting off to Pago Pago.

The weigh-in will once again be live streamed on Twitch at RunItUp Reno 2019, where Jaime seems to be running quite well at the felt this year, having just won a side event for a lifetime supply of turkey burgers.

Jaime Staples burger



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Robbie Strazynski

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