Inside the World of Grosvenor Poker Tournament Directors

By Robbie Strazynski
February 14, 2024

In the realm of live poker tournaments, the Grosvenor Poker circuit stands out as a hallmark of excellence in the United Kingdom. At the heart of these events are the Tournament Directors (TDs), individuals like Luke Whitaker and Antony Fusco, whose expertise and dedication ensure the smooth operation of every tournament.

While attending the 2024 UKPL Edinburgh festival, I had the opportunity to have a great chat with Luke and Antony to learn about their experiences working for Grosvenor Poker and supervising events all across the company’s 53 rooms around the UK.

Over the course of our conversation, they dove deep into their professional journeys, climbing the ladder to their current positions, the intricacies of their roles, and the vibrant world of Grosvenor Poker.

Grosvenor Poker Tournament Directors

Antony Fusco’s trajectory within Grosvenor Poker encapsulates the essence of dedication and perseverance. He started out in poker as a player, Antony’s curiosity for the inner workings of the game led him to join Grosvenor a decade ago as a dealer. His tenure saw him rise through the ranks, from cardroom supervisor in Edinburgh to a respected freelance TD. Despite juggling a full-time job outside the poker world, Antony’s passion for the game remains undiminished, driving him to excel in his role as a TD.

Antony Fusco

Similarly, Luke Whitaker’s journey reflects the diverse paths that lead individuals to the world of poker management. Starting as a dealer in Coventry seven years ago, Luke’s journey took a serendipitous turn when he participated in a self-deal competition. Little did he know that this would be the catalyst for a remarkable career in poker. Transitioning from a dealer to a cardroom supervisor and eventually embracing the life of a traveling TD, Luke’s story is a testament to the opportunities for growth and advancement within Grosvenor.

Luke Whitaker

Grosvenor Poker: A First-Class Operation

Central to the success of Grosvenor Poker tournaments is the meticulous attention to dealer standards. With specific procedures in place and rigorous training in techniques such as the “casino shuffle,” Grosvenor ensures a professional and seamless gaming experience for players. Main Event Travel, Grosvenor’s trusted partner, plays a pivotal role in supplying well-trained dealers who uphold the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

Antony and Luke further spoke about their journeys from dealers to TDs as ones of continuous learning and refinement. Supervising flagship events like the Goliath has provided them with invaluable experience in tournament management, honing their skills and expertise with each iteration. Logistics-wise, the pair explained that TDs navigate quarterly schedules, meticulously planning their commitments to ensure optimal coverage across Grosvenor’s extensive network of tournaments.

Grosvenor Poker logo

Grosvenor’s commitment to supporting its staff extends beyond training and scheduling. The company covers travel expenses and arranges accommodations for its TDs, alleviating logistical concerns and allowing them to focus solely on delivering exceptional experiences for players. Collaboration with third-party partners like 888poker adds another layer of complexity to tournament management, introducing unique structures and formats that keep the game dynamic and engaging for both TDs and players alike.

Plus, the dissemination of tournament results and information functions like a well-oiled machine as different teams within and external to Grosvenor Poker personnel contribute. Reports are compiled at the end of each day’s poker action. Those reports are then reviewed by the TDs, who then pass it on to individuals responsible for sharing on the company’s main social media channels.

Unique Grosvenor Poker Experiences

When I asked them what he most interesting aspects of their job were, they essentially gave the same answer, but cautioned that it was a double-edged sword. “Going to the different clubs around the country is the most interesting part of the job for traveling TDs, as each one has its own individual flavor. It’s great to have camaraderie with all the traveling dealers + many of the players also travel around the country on tour, so you see a lot of the same people and get to know them. The travel itself between different stops can be a grind though, as you’re just constantly on the move.”

Beyond the logistics and operations, the soul of Grosvenor Poker lies in its vibrant community. Each club across the country offers a distinct atmosphere and ambiance, from the historic charm of Edinburgh’s Maybury building to the lively energy of its players. For TDs and dealers, forging bonds with colleagues and players alike is as integral to the experience as the tournaments themselves, fostering a sense of camaraderie that transcends the confines of the cardroom.

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In the fast-paced and dynamic world of Grosvenor Poker, individuals like Antony Fusco and Luke Whitaker are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Their dedication, expertise, and passion ensure that every tournament exceeds expectations, leaving players with memories of thrilling competition and unforgettable experiences. As the backbone of Grosvenor’s live poker events, TDs embody the spirit of excellence and professionalism that defines the Grosvenor Poker experience.



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