WPT Sweet XVI: 16 Stunning Stats

After 16 successful seasons, it can be difficult to grasp the cumulative effect that the World Poker Tour has had. What helps, however, are numbers, and the WPT and its champions have certainly put up some amazing ones over the past decade-and-a-half plus.

We’ve dusted off our calculators and have spent hours upon hours compiling stats that we think will knock your socks off. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank World Poker Tour Marketing Manager Donnie Peters for his invaluable assistance in putting this article together.

One minor “editor’s note” before diving in is that for some statistics we’ve combined numbers from the WPT World Championship and the WPT Tournament of Champions as both of these events appear last on the schedule for all World Poker Tour seasons. With that said, however, they are in fact two entirely different events as the TOC was created in 2016 and designed to specifically give back to WPT champions in a way that no other event in the world could.

So, without further ado, I hereby invite all the poker stats geeks out there to rejoice and check out the numbers, below.

WPT Sweet 16I. $28,487,266

The total amount of first place prize money earned by the winners 13 WPT World Championships + 3 Tournament of Champions through 16 seasons.

WPT money

II. 295

The total number of events that the WPT (Main Tour) has produced in 16 seasons.

WPT tournament results

III. 4,865

The total number of entries in season ending WPT Championship + Tournament of Champions events through 16 seasons

IV. 33,000+

The number of Instagram followers WPT has. This social media channel offers a unique, exclusive perspective on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff going on at World Poker Tour events around the world.

WPT instagram

V. $20

The cost of a “Pliska” at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills, a scotch-based cocktail named after WPT CEO Adam Pliska and dubbed “one of the three best drinks in America” by Travel and Leisure magazine.

VI. $3,970,415

The largest prize ever awarded in a WPT event, to Carlos Mortenson for winning the Season V WPT Championship.

Carlos Mortenson

Carlos Mortenson

VII. 500,000,000+

The total number of hands dealt on since its inception in 2016. That’s not a typo…. more than FIVE HUNDRED MILLION HANDS dealt!


The number of WPT Cruises held since inception, with #8 set to happen in October; more details here.

WPT poker cruise

IX. $12 million+

The WPT Foundation has raised more than $12 million to benefit nearly 30 global philanthropic organizations since it was created in March 2012. More info here.

X. 260

The number of individual members of the WPT Champions Club.

WPT Champions club

XI. 18,000+

Number of subscribers to the WPT YouTube Channel, which pumps out a steady stream of new, interesting, and entertaining poker videos. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

WPT YouTube

XII. Approximately 50-60

The total number of full-time WPT employees. That’s right. A crack team of fewer than 60 people(!) share the responsibility and get the credit for helping to make the World Poker Tour a truly global brand. Take an extra moment to think about how incredible this statistic is. They’re accomplishing the equivalent of what it could easily take hundreds of people to achieve!

XIII. 150+

The number of countries that the 16 seasons worth of WPT broadcasts have reached worldwide.

global reach

XIV. 30,000

The number of square feet at the new Las Vegas eSports Arena, where fans can come to watch the WPT TOC final table live, in person, for free, and root on their favorite champions!

XV. 64

The number of different products available for purchase on (with more to be added soon). If you love the WPT, order yourself some apparel! Plus you can even buy gift certificates with which to spoil your poker-loving friends.

 XVI. $300,000+

The value of the “extras” received by the winner of the Season XVI WPT Tournament of Champions beyond the prize money. These sweet extras include:

  • $100,000 in cash added to the total prize pool
  • Hublot watch
  • Player gifts bags valued at over $1,200 apiece
  • $50,000 JetSmarter membership
  • $50,000 additional cash awarded to the winner

WPT Champions Cup



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1 – the number of women who have won a WPT event. Came across this today when I was trying to figure out why there were no women in the TOC. We need to figure out how to get more women playing the game!

I hear you loud and clear, Heather! It’s tough, to be sure. I’m pretty certain that every single person in the poker industry, from operators, to poker room staff, to media and more, would love to see more women playing the game.

A women’s poker boom won’t happen overnight – EVEN if a woman wins the WSOP Main Event – but slowly and surely we can all hope and actively try our best to encourage more women to give our game a try. I’ll keep trying to do my little part on this front!

Thanks, as always, for reading, and for a great, important comment!

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