WPT Prime Set to Arrive in Slovakia for the First Time

The 2023 WPT Prime Slovakia series will be played at the beginning of May. This will be the first time a World Poker Tour will be played in Slovakia. The full festival will be held from May 3-15 with the WPT Prime Main Event taking place from May 11-15 and featuring a guaranteed prize pool of €500,000.

The WPT Prime Slovakia Festival

The festival will be held at the Card Casino in the capital city of Bratislava, Slovakia. A total of 18 tournaments will be played, guaranteeing a total of €1,250,000 in prizes. There will also be satellites to the most important tournaments and to the 2023 WPT World Championship to be played in December in Las Vegas.

Kicking off the WPT Prime Slovakia festival will be Event #1, the WPT Bratislava Championship, which will have a buy-in of €330 and a huge guaranteed prize pool of €250,000. Seven starting flights will be available for participants to seek their pass to Day 2.

Listed below are the WPT Prime Slovakia events that will have guaranteed prize pools:

# Event Dates Buy-In Guaranteed
1 WPT Bratislava Championship May 3-8 €330 €250,000
7 WPT High Roller May 9-10 €3,000 €100,000
9 WPT PLO High Roller May 10-11 €3,000 €100,000
10 WPT Super High Roller May 11-12 €5,200 €100,000
11 WPT Prime Slovakia Main Event May 11-15 €1,100 €500,000
14 WPT PLO Super High Roller May 12-13 €5,200 €100,000
16 WPT Mystery Bounty May 14-15 €1,650 €100,000

You can see the complete schedule at this link.

The WPT Prime Slovakia Main Event

The highest profile tournament of the festival will be the WPT Prime Slovakia Main Event, which will feature a buy-in of €1,100 and a guaranteed prize pool of €500,000. Starting stacks will be 30,000 chips and the blinds will increase every 40 minutes.

This will be the schedule for WPT Prime Slovakia Main Event:

  • Day 1A: Thursday, May 11 at 4 p.m.
  • Day 1B: Friday, May 12 at 1 p.m.
  • Day 1C: Friday, May 12 at 6 p.m.
  • Day 1D: Saturday, May 13 at 1 p.m.
  • Day 1E: Saturday, May 13 at 6 p.m.
  • Day 2: Sunday, May 14 at 3 p.m.
  • Day 3: Monday, May 15 at 2 p.m.

The WPT Prime Slovakia Venue

The Card Casino is the largest gaming establishment in Slovakia at 8,000 square meters. In addition to the traditional games of blackjack, slots, roulette and baccarat, the facility features a Cabaret and several restaurants. It is located right next to Bratislava airport and just 30 minutes from Vienna airport in neighboring Austria. If you’re further afield, it’s only two hours from Budapest, Hungary and three hours from Prague, Czech Republic.

WPT Prime Slovakia Card Room

The Poker Room awaiting players at Bratislava’s Card Casino

The Card Casino offers players three different packages that include transfers, hotel and tournament entry:

  • WPT Silver €1,600: airport pick-up, 5 nights in Vienna House Hotel, free buffet and WPT Prime entry
  • WPT Gold €1,900: airport pick-up, 5 nights in NH One Gate Hotel, free buffet and WPT Prime entry
  • WPT Premium €4,900: airport pick-up, 5 nights in NH One Gate Hotel, free buffet, WPT Prime entryand WPT High Roller €3K entry

The City of Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is the seat of the Slovak parliament and government and offers a wide range of artistic, cultural, and educational offerings. The southern territories of Slovakia, including Bratislava, were part of the Kingdom of Hungary from the arrival of the Hungarians in 895 until the end of World War I in 1918.

What is there to see in Bratislava? There is a wide variety of options, from touring the historic center, passing under St. Michael’s Gate, visiting Bratislava Castle, learning about the country’s past at the Bratislava History Museum, and admiring St. Martin’s Cathedral. You can also climb the tower of the Old Town Hall, photograph St. Elizabeth’s Church, explore nature around the city, stand in front of the Savlin, and admire the facade of Grassalkovich Palace. Other alternatives include looking for Bratislava statues, climbing the Most SNP or Bratislava UFO, taking a trip to Devin Castle and enjoying the city’s nightlife.

WPT Prime Slovakia in Bratislava

WPT Prime tournaments have been very successful around the world so far in 2023. The Paris leg registered 1,071 entries in January and that number was surpassed in Australia with 1,224 entries on the Gold Coast. Can WPT Prime Slovakia surpass it? We will see in a few days!



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