LearnWPT Online Poker Training: A Comprehensive Review

What is LearnWPT online poker training all about?

If you are looking to improve your skills as a poker player you should consider the LearnWPT study program, which teaches no limit hold’em strategy to players of all levels.

With a monthly subscription to the service starting at just $5 you get access to a wide variety of tools such as videos, webinars, forum, charts, and the innovative WPT GTO interactive trainer.

Meet the LearnWPT Instructors

When you enroll in LearnWPT online poker training, you’ll be taught by some of the most accomplished and experienced instructors. Combined, they’ve authored multiple books, have won tens of millions of dollars in live and online tournament earnings, have claimed numerous WPT titles, WSOP bracelets and Circuit rings, and much more.

Currently, LearnWPT content is delivered by 9 instructors, including:

  • Nick Binger
  • Tony Dunst
  • Vanessa Selbst
  • Jared Tendler
  • Brian Altman
  • Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger
  • Katie Stone
  • Michael “Gags30” Gagliano
  • Eric “Rizen” Lynch

LearnWPT instructors

Learn WPT Online Poker Training Videos

The LearnWPT video library is huge, with more than 500 videos covering a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to: tournaments, mental game, GTO, cash games, foundation (basic poker skills), small stakes, mid stakes and  high stakes, and more.

If you don’t know which video to start with, my advice is to first choose the topic where you want to improve and then use the filter to begin with only those videos.

In my case, I play live tournaments so I started with that category. The instructors are world-class players and it shows in their analysis. I really enjoyed Tony Dunst‘s videos in particular, as he has a very clear way of expressing himself. I also benefited greatly from the advice of Jared Tendler, one of poker’s foremost experts on mental game training.

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There are videos for all levels, even beginners. If you consider yourself an amateur player or you are just starting to study poker, I recommend that you use the “Foundation” filter in the “Learning Path” section to start with those videos first and then move on to more advanced poker lessons.

LearnWPT Tony Dunst

The WPT GTO Trainer

The WPT GTO (Game Theory Optimal) Trainer allows you to study and learn true Nash equilibrium solutions solved for GTO poker strategy by simply playing poker hands via a user-friendly interface.

I think that the great advantage of WPT GTO Trainer is that it allows you to practice and improve without the difficulty of GTO programs such as PioSOLVER. To be sure, the latter program is of course excellent, but it’s best left for use by high-volume professionals. The WPT GTO Trainer is quite sufficient for learning and basic poker training purposes, as you’ll be able to glean the major principles of Game Theory Optimal play in a much more user-friendly way.

With traditional GTO programs you must manually load hands and then analyze the best possible decisions in each scenario. But with the WPT GTO Trainer you simply play a hand and after each action you take it tells you if it is close or far away from the GTO play.

Just as if you were in the midst of an online poker session, you can play as many hands as you want; when you close the session the trainer gives you an analysis of your actions in comparison to GTO, with a simulation of how many big blinds you won or lost in the long term.

To get the most out of this valuable tool it is best to play a large number of hands. My advice is to aim to play a certain number of hands per day, be it 10, 25, 50 or 100, depending on how much time you have to dedicate to your poker study.

LearnWPT GTO trainer

Learn WPT Testimonials

Beyond my own experience using and gaining poker insights from LeanWPT, we contacted several instructors to hear what they had to say about the online poker training program, why they felt it was unique, and what it could offer you, should you choose to enroll. Here’s what they had to say:

Tony Dunst: “I think the largest benefit to LearnWPT is that you’re getting both a training site subscription with a huge library of videos, as well as access to the GTO Trainer at the same time. I think it’s helpful to mix the two learning methods as you progress in the game. You can practice the solver style of poker on the GTO Trainer one day and digest concepts or hand reviews from our coaches the next. It’s common to be watching a training video and identify a spot you’re unsure of, so the trainer allows you to take some reps in those spots and get more comfortable handling them.”

Tony Dunst

Dunst added: “Amateur players could mix both videos and GTO Trainer in the first month, but I think time will be best spent watching videos on the basics. It’s tricky to deduce the patterns the trainer is teaching you before you have a framework to understand them. I’d also recommend they study a bunch of the pre-flop charts we have in tools, especially for the common spots in tournaments. A good idea is to couple that with the linked videos from Nick Binger explaining the guidelines of what the strategy on the chart means for our play in game.”

Katie Stone: “I’d recommend new poker players to watch some of the videos we have on LearnWPT and to also become familiar with the WPT GTO Trainer. Getting the reps in and seeing frequent situations that arise in game, gives players valuable information that they can implement and benefit from immediately.”

Katie Stone

Stone added: “Something else about LearnWPT that’s really helpful is players can search for a topic of interest, like ‘ICM’ or ‘Deepstack poker’ and all content we’ve got will populate — that could be webinars, videos, articles, live streams, Ask A Pro questions and more.”

Brian Altman: “People learn in different ways. LearnWPT provides a variety of training resources, both digital and in person, to help poker players improve their game. Starting out, I would focus on preflop ranges. Small pre-flop mistakes can compound into large post-flop mistakes. Fixing pre-flop leaks will have a big improvement on your game.”

Brian Altman

Andrew Litchenberger: “The main benefits of LearnWPT are to improve your understanding of poker strategy no matter where you’re starting from and to have fun doing so. I think amateur players can benefit from basic systematic guidelines in terms of how to approach poker more broadly, but should mostly be focused on playing poker so they can familiarize themselves with the situations they are likely to encounter and then seek guidance once they understand what challenges exist.”

Andrew Lichtenberger

More Poker Training Tools

As if that were not enough, LearnWPT also contains a number of other tools that players can use:

  • Charts, worksheets, guides and ranges to download and study
  • Watch live and recorded webinars
  • Hand history decision scenarios

Finally, LearnWPT members can also ask questions in the forum or send in a video with questions that will be answered by one or more of the program’s instructors.

Learn WPT Benefits

It’s practically a no-brainer that you get phenomenal bang for your buck with LearnWPT. To recap, here are some of the main unique benefits you’ll have when you enroll:

  • Low price of just $5 for the first month
  • Huge library with more than 500 videos to watch
  • Experienced professional poker instructors who have won 4 WPT titles, 9 WSOP bracelets, 5 WSOP Circuit rings and almost $40 million in live tournaments as well as countless millions more online
  • Content for players of different skill and experience levels
  • Analysis of real poker hands
  • Receive feedback from instructors in the forum
  • Practice hundreds of hands with the GTO trainer
  • Submit a video with questions to instructors

Bottom line: If you want to improve as a player, LearnWPT is an excellent tool via which to do it.

Editor’s Note: All player photos in this article are duly credited to Joe Giron



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