No surprise to me that Phil Ivey is up over a quarter-million dollars at this table. He pulled off a huge bluff by betting pre- and post-flop with 2-7, no draw, and simply no chance to win the pot. Taking down a hand like this is what makes him the best player in the world. Sure it helped Ivey that nobody else hit any part of the flop, but just try to imagine yourself betting out 12k post flop with absolutely nothing…I’d be shaking! Ivey’s glare, on the other hand, was stonier than petrified rock! Simply a great bluff by one of the all-time greats!

Away from the action at the table, I wanna say that I loved Kara Scott’s 30-second segment on the best question ask a player to get information. More specifically, I liked Gus Hansen’s reply: “Did you get laid last night?” I think I might ask that next time I sit down at the felt, and see what kind of information I’ll get 🙂

About that hand where Daniel Negreanu accidentally exposed the 9 of hearts; turned out to be pretty much the most entertaining hand of the entire episode. I wonder if on the show they’re purposely allowed to show one card? Clearly, the mistake happened to work out PERFECTLY for Negreanu. I’m sure I’m not alone when I express interest in seeing if pros could use a trick/information like that once in a while to see how it would affect their opponents’ decisions ­– Gabe Kaplan agrees – sure made things plenty interesting on the air!

In other non-poker action, how about that prop bet between Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan?! A million dollars to not eat meat, chicken, or fish for a year… Kind of makes you wonder if you could do that… A relatively simple diet change and you get a big fat $1,000,000 check at the end of the year. I’m open to the challenge – any takers out there?

Anyhow, even though the episode was just aired recently, we all know if was recorded in November or December of last year. Therefore, Ivey’s been veggie (to the best of our knowledge) for 3.5 months already….worth approx $275,000 so far….way to go Phil 🙂

Lastly, the preview for High Stakes Poker Episode 5 looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the “epic” hand between Ivey and Dwan!

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