Secrets of Pro Tournament Poker V3D&B Poker are proud to announce the publication of the 3rd volume of Jonathan Little’s “Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker“.

In the first two volumes, Jonathan outlined how the modern professional plays the game and has changed the face of the poker landscape. Now Jonathan has produced a third volume, allowing players to test their understanding of the nuances of tournament play.

The question and answer format allows the reader to examine each individual hand, consider the relevant factors, and formulate their thinking about the best line to take. In this way, the reader can compare his or her thought processes with those of a top-flight professional who has amassed more than $5 million in career earnings.

After the first two volumes of Little’s books received such high praise:

“Jonathan Little’s book may well be the best tournament poker book written since Harrington’s.”

“The second volume of SOPTP is one of the most unique and interesting poker books on the market.”

…it’s no surprise that, despite only publishing in the last few weeks, volume 3 has already receive some very positive comments:

“If you’ve read Volumes 1 & 2 of this series then Volume 3 is a must read.”

In Volume 3, Jonathan teaches readers how to:

  • Hone in on the relevant factors in any given situation
  • Find the most accurate bet-sizings to maximize expectation
  • Learn how to profit on the bubble and at the final table
Little's 3 volumes
The 3 volumes of Jonathan Little’s book

Jonathan Little is a professional poker player from Pensacola, Florida who started playing poker when he turned 18 years old. He quickly became one of the biggest winners in online sit-n-go tournaments. He has won two WPT events and final tabled two others, earning him the Season 6 Player of the Year award. He has total earnings in excess of $5 million. In 2010, he cashed five times at the WSOP, including a 3rd place finish. He has cashed a total of 17 times at the WSOP. Jonathan is also a poker coach and runs the website

Pick up your copy of Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 3 from D&B Poker – available in ebook or paperback.

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