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  • Accepts players from all over the world including the US, Australia, and Canada – no geographical restrictions
  • Excellent software and mobile compatibility
  • Weekly cash game leaderboard
  • No Know Your Customer checks or ID verification
  • Three 100% deposit bonuses totaling 1,100
  • 30% rakeback if you’re willing to hold CHP coins
  • Bad Beat Jackpot applies to all cash games


  • Fees apply to most withdrawals, something no other poker site is doing these days
  • Limited tournament and sit-and-go action at times
  • Finite cryptocurrency support – despite being a crypto-only site, only a few cryptos are accepted
  • Requiring users to withdraw to the same crypto address used for deposits is a bit odd

CoinPoker History

CoinPoker is a fairly new site in the online poker sphere as it first launched a play money application in October of 2017. CoinPoker also debuted its proprietary crypto token known as CHP through a Pre-ICO release in November of 2017, and by early 2018, the CHP token had been fully released and CoinPoker started offering real money poker.

Despite CoinPoker being a bit of a newcomer in the online poker space, the site has already garnered significant attention and has experienced steady growth over the past few years. In part, this is due to support from popular players in the community like Antanas “Tony G” Guoga and Isabelle Mercier. You can find massive cash games at CoinPoker when Tony G is playing and the site often offers special bounties for players who manage to knock out a CoinPoker ambassador like Tony.

CoinPoker operates a little bit differently than most online poker sites that accept crypto. At CoinPoker, your primary balance will always be held in Tether, or USDT. You can also purchase CHP, CoinPoker’s proprietary crypto, to earn 30% ongoing rakeback on your play. CHP and USDT balances are held separately here, although you can swap back and forth for a 5% trading fee.

CoinPoker Mobile Compatibility and Software

CoinPoker is available to download on any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. The poker software operates smoothly and without interruption across all platforms, so you can easily play here using many modern devices.

CoinPoker makes a point of publicizing a “provably fair” Random Number Generator to deal all poker games. This is a bit unnecessary in our opinion because all online poker sites these days use verifiably fair RNGs, but it is still a nice inclusion in the CoinPoker software.

The software also boasts a number of user-friendly features like full hand histories and replays, the ability to run it twice during cash games, and plenty of visual customization. You can adjust the way the deck and cards look, table backgrounds, and much more.

Mobile support at CoinPoker is excellent as the site boasts a full poker client that Android and iOS users can download through the CoinPoker website. Through the mobile application, you can access all of the cash games, Cosmic Spins, and tournaments that are present on the desktop client. The application also updates quite regularly, which ensures it continues to improve and operate well.

The CoinPoker mobile software does utilize portrait orientation like many of the popular “social poker” apps, but the functionality is excellent and it even allows users to play multiple games at once. The betting on a mobile phone takes a little getting used to as you’ll need to click bet and then adjust the slider to confirm your bet amount.

coinpoker mobile cash table

₮10 NL Hold’em cash game table at CoinPoker

CoinPoker Cash Games

CoinPoker is primarily known for its excellent cash game offerings from the micro-stakes all the way to the highest nosebleed stakes available on the internet. All of the cash games here are denominated exclusively using USDT, or Tether.

Blinds are available as low as 0.02/0.05 up to heights of ₮2,000/₮4,000. There is rarely action above the ₮2.50/₮5 blind levels, but when prominent online players like Charlie Carrel and Tony G play, there can be extremely high-stakes action, often at the ₮200/₮400 Pot-Limit Omaha tables.

Most cash games are 6-handed here as there are no standard 9-max tables present at all, although heads-up tables do exist as well. As far as game types, CoinPoker is recognized for offering several somewhat notable poker variants including Omaha, 5-Card Omaha, and Open Face Chinese. It should be noted that all OFC tables are 3-handed.

coinpoker omaha cash table

A ₮0.05/₮0.10 Pot-Limit Omaha cash game at CoinPoker

The vast majority of cash games also charge players a small ante, which is usually equivalent to approximately 1/10th the big blind. Antes are standard in all of CoinPoker’s cash games starting at 0.05/0.10 and up. Antes are a great way of instigating action, and play at CoinPoker tends to be loose and action-packed.

CoinPoker also offers players the opportunity to straddle, or post 2x the big blind in the UTG position. Posting a straddle from UTG will allow you to act last preflop and it will make the game play twice as big. This is another way that CoinPoker promotes action and loose play.

CoinPoker Bad Beat Jackpot

CoinPoker also boasts a massive Bad Beat Jackpot for all cash game players. The jackpot is funded by 5% of the rake generated at the cash game tables, so you won’t need to pay any extra fee to participate. The Bad Beat Jackpot at CoinPoker is usually well over 100,000. The unique aspect of the BBJ at CoinPoker is that all blind levels are eligible to win, but the lower stakes can only win a much smaller percentage of the total jackpot.

The minimum requirements for the losing hand will change according to game type: No Limit Holdem requires AAAKK or better, PLO requires a straight flush or better, and 5PLO necessitates a straight flush (3-7) or better.

The BBJ percentage awarded will vary depending on the stakes and game. It is important to keep in mind that even at the highest stakes, it is only possible to receive a portion of the total Bad Beat Jackpot. The BBJ distribution that each game type and blind level is eligible for is included below: 0.02/0.05 – NLH is 2.5%, PLO is 1.25%, and 5PLO is 1%

0.05/0.10 – NLH is 5%, PLO is 2.5%, and 5PLO is 2%

0.10/0.25 – NLH is 12.5%, PLO is 6.25%, and 5PLO is 5%

0.25/0.50 – NLH is 25%, PLO is 12.5%, and 5PLO is 10%

0.50/1 and above – NLH is 45%, PLO is 25% and 5PLO is 20%

Once the Bad Beat Jackpot has been triggered, the jackpot will be awarded accordingly: 50% will be awarded to the loser of the hand, 20% will be awarded to the winner of the hand, 20% will be shared among all players that were dealt in at the beginning of the qualifying hand, and 10% will be utilized to reseed the Bad Beat Jackpot.

CoinPoker Tournaments

Although the majority of the action is usually concentrated at the cash game tables at CoinPoker, there is a solid array of multi-table tournament action across numerous buy-in levels. There are daily freerolls and tournaments with buy-ins as low as ₮0.10, so it is easy to get in on the tournament action.

coinpoker tournament lobby

The tournament lobby at CoinPoker

Of course, there are also plenty of higher stakes tournaments every day with buy-ins as high as ₮100. Weekly and monthly tournaments featuring even larger buy-ins and prize pools are also offered with increasing regularity at CoinPoker.

You’ll also be able to participate in special events and tournament series’ at CoinPoker like the PKO Bounty series that is currently running throughout February 2023. Alongside its standard series offerings, CoinPoker has also emphasized running mini-tournament series’ featuring micro-stakes buy-ins to coincide with the standard tournament series’. These large field tournaments feature buy-ins as low as ₮0.50.

CoinPoker Cosmic Spins

Cosmic Spins are CoinPoker’s version of a lottery-style 3-handed sit-and-go. If you aren’t familiar with this style of game, it is loosely based on PokerStars’ popular Spin and Go. Cosmic Spins are a basic 3-player sit-and-go that features a prize pool based on a randomly awarded multiplier.

Cosmic Spins are available featuring buy-ins of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. The minimum applicable prize pool multiplier is 2x with the jackpot being 1000x your buy-in. Players each start with only 300 chips at the 10/20 chip blind level. With a starting stack of less than 15 big blinds, you can see how Cosmic Spins are a fast and high-variance format.

coinpoker cosmic spins

Cosmic Spins at CoinPoker

CoinPoker Community Contributions

All online poker sites charge some form of rake as these fees are how internet poker sites earn profit. CoinPoker refers to its rake schedule as “community contributions”. 6-handed cash games at CoinPoker currently charge a 5% community contribition.

The 5% rake at CoinPoker is capped and the cap varies according to the blinds. For example, the 0.05/0.10 blind levels feature a ₮0.75 cap and the ₮1/₮2 games feature a ₮3 cap. These figures are highly competitive and slightly lower than at most other online poker sites.

Tournaments at CoinPoker charge a flat 8% fee across the board with Cosmic Spins charging a 5% fee. Open-face Chinese poker games only assess a 2% rake or community contribution.

CoinPoker Deposits and Withdrawals

CoinPoker is fairly unique when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. All poker play here is denominated in USDT (₮), or Tether, a “stable” cryptocurrency pegged to approximately $1. Despite this fact, you can initiate deposits and withdrawals using a few other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, MATIC, and BUSD. You can also use CoinPoker’s unique crypto called CHP for deposits and withdrawals, although it isn’t listed at most of the largest crypto exchanges yet.

coinpoker deposits

The deposit options at CoinPoker

There are a few unique quirks when it comes to the cashier procedures at CoinPoker. First of all, when you initiate a crypto deposit, the wallet address that you send your coins from will be saved and you’ll automatically be set up to withdraw to the same wallet address. You won’t be able to enter a new address to withdraw, you’ll be required to withdraw using the same address that you use to deposit.

Most online poker sites that use crypto require brand new wallets or addresses for each transaction, so the way CoinPoker operates by tying players to their depositing wallet address is a bit odd. Still, the process works well and withdrawals tend to be processed in a few hours in most cases.

One other significant downside at CoinPoker is that a fee will be assessed on almost every withdrawal. The fees vary depending on which crypto you’d like to use. Withdrawing USDT will cost a flat fee of 10 USDT while a Bitcoin withdrawal will cost 3% of your withdrawal amount plus another fee of nearly $1. The only way to withdraw for free is by withdrawing BUSD, or Binance USD coin.

CoinPoker Promotions and Rakeback

For many years, CoinPoker lacked any deposit bonuses. Fortunately, CoinPoker just released a generous set of bonuses for both new and existing players that are worth up to 1,100. You can get a 100% bonus worth up to 100, a 100% bonus worth up to 300, and another 100% bonus worth up to 700 on any three deposits. You can choose to redeem the three offers in any order that you’d like and each only requires a minimum deposit of 20.

coinpoker bonuses

The deposit bonuses available at CoinPoker

The welcome bonuses will be released in 10% increments at a rate of 50% effective rakeback, a solid figure in comparison to many competitors. In addition, you’ll be able to earn 30% rakeback on a weekly basis, as long as you’re willing to invest a small amount into the CHP crypto token. The way that this works is that you can exchange your USDT for CHP from inside of the poker client at any time, minus a 5% trading fee.

When you go to play at the tables, any rake that you need to pay will be converted to CHP and taken from your CHP balance as opposed to your USDT balance. You’ll actually pay the USDT rake at the table, and then the moment you leave, all of your paid rake will be tallied and the USDT will be returned to your account after taking the equivalent amount of CHP.

Every week on Monday, you’ll be able to receive 30% rakeback as long as you were able to pay the rake using CHP. Anytime you run out of CHP, you can quickly convert more to ensure that you continue earning 30% rakeback.

One other benefit to playing here is that you can participate in the weekly cash game leaderboard that awards ₮10,000 every week to the top players on the leaderboard. A NLHE leaderboard and a PLO leaderboard are present and the ₮10,000 is split between the two leaderboards. Players who hold CHP tokens and pay rake in CHP will earn 50% more points towards the leaderboard.

CoinPoker Summary

CoinPoker is an excellent online crypto poker site. The site has continued to garner a significant amount of steady traffic and has experienced solid growth over the past few years. Peak times will see over 1000 players active at the CoinPoker tables.

There are a number of reasons to play here including increased anonymity, crypto support, generous bonuses, and 30% ongoing rakeback. Additionally, the play tends to be somewhat soft, especially at the lower limits. CoinPoker also boasts a “provably fair” RNG and shuffling algorithm, although we really don’t see this issue as one of concern as all online poker sites these days use legitimately verified RNGs.

All in all, CoinPoker is an exciting online poker room with a bit of online hype surrounding it. The site features excellent software and a solid selection of cash games and tournaments, including a few rarer game types like 5-Card Omaha and Open-Face Chinese. Although the withdrawal fees are a bit of a downside and the learning curve here is a bit steep, the other benefits at CoinPoker seem to make up for the current shortcomings. We would definitely recommend heading over to CoinPoker and giving it a try today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I receive rakeback at CoinPoker?

Answer: Yes, by holding a balance in CHP, CoinPoker’s proprietary coin, you’ll receive 30% rakeback every Monday.

Question: Is CoinPoker trustworthy and safe?

Answer: It is our opinion that CoinPoker is highly professional, trustworthy, and safe. We only recommend sites that we have personally used and we have no qualms about recommending CoinPoker. Additionally, there are multiple prominent figures in the poker world that support CoinPoker like Isabelle Mercier, Charlie Carrel, and Antanas “Tony G” Guoga.

Question: Can US players play at CoinPoker?

Answer: Absolutely. Players are welcome to register and play at CoinPoker from all 50 states. Because CoinPoker is a crypto-only site that does not run Know Your Customer checks or any kind of customer ID verification, you can sign up and play from almost anywhere in the world. Despite this, we would still encourage players to research the legality of playing in your area before playing at CoinPoker.

Question: Can Australians play at CoinPoker?

Answer: Yes, players from Australia are welcome at CoinPoker and because of the crypto-only policy, Australians should have no problem depositing, withdrawing, and playing safely.

Question: Can I deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin at CoinPoker?

Answer: Yes, you can utilize Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals at CoinPoker, although you will be assessed a 3% withdrawal fee at minimum. If you want to withdraw Bitcoin from your CHP wallet, you’ll be charged a 5% withdrawal fee.

Question: How do deposit bonuses work at CoinPoker?

Answer: You can redeem a 100% bonus on three separate deposits at CoinPoker worth up to ₮100, ₮300, and ₮700 each. You can redeem the bonuses in any order and the bonus funds will be released in 10% increments. There is only a 2x rake requirement, so you’ll earn 50% effective rakeback through these bonuses. You’ll have 60 days to complete the bonus wagering requirements.