Not payin’ us our money, eh? We’ll show ya, eh!
Not payin’ us our money, eh? We’ll show ya, eh!

The problems continued to mount(ie?) for former #2 online poker site Full Tilt Poker over the weekend, as a new class action lawsuit was launched in the Great White North – none other than Canada.

Consumer Law Group, a Canadian firm specializing in class action suits, filed the suit “on behalf of individuals who have funds being held in their Full Tilt Poker player accounts”. The firm estimates that about 10% of Full Tilt’s players were Canadian and that they’re owed a combined $10 million or so. Interestingly, however, the case’s lead plaintiff reportedly only has about $1-$5 in his account. In the States, we say that to keep playing poker all you need is “a chip and a chair”. Apparently in Canada, you just need to be “a loony with a Loonie”.

Though unaffected by the U.S. Department of Justice’s actions on Black Friday, April 15th, Canadian online poker players (along with everyone else in the world) were essentially locked out of their Full Tilt Poker accounts when the site was shut down on July 29th.

For the first time in this poker blogger’s memory, I’m finding many of my American poker playing friends somewhat jealous of their Canadian counterparts, as Canucks can still ante up and play online casino games for money at sites like bwin/Party, 888, and Winner, as well as continue playing online poker.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that if you’re Canadian, there’s a law firm out to try and help you get your money back from Full Tilt Poker. Of course, all the information you need is also available in French :-).


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    Well the funds of individuals are being held and not released so i believe its right decision to trace and eliminate such poker rooms who are making their players to suffer.

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