George Epstein


Poker Tips By George: Bluffing is Essential!

In his ongoing series of strategy pieces, George “the Engineer” Epstein reminds us that bluffing is essential. This might seem relatively obvious, even to beginner poker players. What might not be as obvious, however, is hot to mix up said bluffs so as to ensure their effectiveness.

Specifically, George reviews the concept of the Esther Bluff, a tried and true method that’s been scientifically proven to be effective at the poker tables.

Poker Tips By George: But I Had Outs!

In his ongoing series of strategy pieces, George “the Engineer” Epstein gives us a primer on outs and how to calculate them. Doing the math right is a critical skill when playing poker, especially when facing skilled opponents.

It goes without saying that brushing up on your math skills, namely correctly calculating your outs in given poker situations, is sure to help you make the right decisions, whether it’s checking, folding, knowing how much to bet, or if the right move is to call your opponent’s all-in shove.

Poker Tips By George: Bad beats DO happen

Bad beats are a part of poker. No matter how much skill we accrue while studying the game, there’s always an element of luck in poker. Sometimes, luck favors us and we manage to suck out and scoop a huge pot. Other times, you’re on the reverse end of that situation and you’ll be moaning about the bad beat for years to come.

George “the Engineer” Epstein reminds us, in this ongoing series of strategy pieces, that sometimes there’s quite literally nothing you can do to prevent a bad beat. All that’s in your power to do it accept it gracefully and move on.