George Epstein


Poker Tips by George: The A/K/Q Rule, the Hold’em Caveat, and Game Texture

If you’re a poker beginner, in order to improve you don’t just need to practice playing, you need to adopt winning strategies. In this article, Cardplayer Lifestyle Senior contributor George Epstein shares three strategies, namely the A/K/Q rule, the Hold’em Caveat, and the importance of game texture, which are critical to keep in mind when playing.

Poker Tips by George: Did I Goof?

You haven’t played poker until you’ve gotten your aces cracked, right? While this is bound to happen in a math-based game like Texas Hold’em, is still isn’t fun to be on the receiving end… especially if there’s something you might’ve been able to do to prevent such an outcome.

Our Senior Contributor, George Epstein, shares a recent such hand he played, where he thinks he goofed, big time.