George Epstein


Poker Tips By George: Bad Beat Pocket Aces

Looking down to see pocket aces when playing Texas Hold’em is one of the game’s great feelings. Usually, you’ll already be scheming for ways to win the pot, but believe it or not sometimes it actually pays to try and lose the pot.

Certain special scenarios exist with casino poker room promotions that make it worthwhile to lose with those pocket aces. Let’s take a closer look.

Poker Tips By George: Dirty Poker (Part 2) – Collusion

One of the dirtiest cheating tactics in poker – collusion – can unfortunately sometimes find it’s way into home games and even brick and mortar establishments. If you spot collusion happening, get up and leave the game immediately.

This article details how collusion can be executed at live poker tables. Always keep your eyes peeled to ensure that neither you nor anyone else at the table is getting cheated.

Poker Tips By George: Dirty Poker (Part I)

Written by legendary casino cheat Richard Marcus back in 2006, Dirty Poker remains a fascinating read. Though some parts have become somewhat dated, due to technological advancements in enhancing poker security, this book is highly intriguing.

Of specific interest to poker fans, Marcus reveals common cheating methods used online (relatively dated), in live poker rooms (slightly dated) and in home games (still VERY relevant). Certainly worth the time it takes to read this book.

Poker Tips By George: Stealing and Other Forms of Deception in Poker

In this third and final installment of George “the Engineer” Epstein’s miniseries on bluffing, he expands on stealing and other forms of deception in poker.

Covering check-raising, sandbagging, and slow-playing, among other topics, here’s another article that will equip you with some useful tools to utilize at the tables, whether you’re playing poker online or in a brick and mortar poker room.