George Epstein


Women in Poker: A Senior’s Perspective

Nonagenarian George Epstein has some unique experience as far as poker is concerned. He began a unique initiative that brought over 200 senior citizens into the game for the first time. The unique nugget: there were exactly as many women as men in the group he formed!

He’s got some interesting suggestions for how to try and bring more women into the game, so it’s worth paying attention to the words of Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Senior contributor.

Poker Tips By George: Small Pocket Pairs Can Be a Big Problem

Correctly playing small pocket pairs in limit hold’em requires finesse and a solid base of poker knowledge. You’ve got to understand the importance of position, have a decent read on your opponents’ tendencies, and have the discipline to call or fold your hand when warranted.

As playing small pocket pairs can often be problematic, this column gives some basic tips and strategies for how to make the right decision with such a hand. Spoiler alert: usually you’ll need to fold!

Poker Tips By George: Bad Beat Pocket Aces

Looking down to see pocket aces when playing Texas Hold’em is one of the game’s great feelings. Usually, you’ll already be scheming for ways to win the pot, but believe it or not sometimes it actually pays to try and lose the pot.

Certain special scenarios exist with casino poker room promotions that make it worthwhile to lose with those pocket aces. Let’s take a closer look.