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Rattling the Cage: Poker Tournaments Where Chips = Cash

Have you ever been the chipleader in a tournament and wished you could just cash out right then and there, but end up missing out on the final table or a big cash due to the sheer length of the event? The Cage is a new type of time-limited tournament where all you have to do to cash is survive. Each chip you play with has cash value and when the tournament ends, you’ll cash out for the full value of your stack. This represents a great new innovation on the poker scene and it’s the kind of creativity we need to see a lot more of for poker to keep thriving. Curious to hear more, including what ought to be next in the pipeline? Read on.

The Folly of PokerStars’ Spin & Gos

There’s a heated debate raging in the poker community about whether PokerStars’ new Spin & Gos are good for the game or not. Many regular and professional poker players have voiced their opposition while PokerStars has publicly defended their move. This op-ed piece takes a look at the business and liquidity aspects of the situation and makes some thought-provoking points against PokerStars’ new overall marketing strategy to boot. Curious? Read on for more.

What’s the Deal with PokerStars These Days?

Lots of big news has been streaming out of PokerStars’ headquarters in the Isle of Man. While the Amaya-owned company seems to have a gameplan in place, many poker players might take umbrage at some of the company’s recent actions. This post details the changes and opines as to why they may have been made. PokerStars’ hallmark has always been listening to the people. Here’s hoping they hear this loud and clear.

7 Places Where Online Poker Will Never Be Legalized

As much as online poker’s proponents keep pushing, there’s probably nothing they can do to get their favorite pastime legalized in certain jurisdictions. We’ve compiled a list of 7 places where it’s practically certain that legal online poker will never see the light of day. Think we’re being pessimistic? Wait until you see the places on this list – we might’ve even left some out!

Sadly, Amaya’s PokerStars Acquisition Changes Nothing

Much has been written about how great for poker Amaya’s acquisition of PokerStars is for the game. While that’s true, it’s no game-changer. Not by a long shot. What everyone seems to be forgetting in their excitement is that online poker can’t thrive without one essential ingredient. Sadly, even the world’s largest online poker company cannot supply it at the moment. Read on for more details.