Robbie Strazynski


Unmasking Isildur

They say that nowadays poker is a solved game… Well one mystery the poker community is still trying to solve is “Who is Isildur?” The poker phenom known only as Isildur1 became famous almost instantly by racking up millions of dollars online faster that you can say “bankroll”! Moving up to the highest of nosebleed stakes, Isildur counts among his conquests huge scores against the likes of Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan. Just as amazingly, he lost millions in just a few sessions to a “triumvirate” of math specialists, most notably Brian Hastings, who used data mining to “figure out his game”. Nonetheless, Isildur is still a force to be reckoned with, and is currently once again on his way up to the higher stakes online But there’s some good news: The man himself (maybe it’s a woman?) will soon make a public appearance on TV, in PartyPoker’s Big Game…

High Stakes Poker Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

New poker session, some new faces, and 3 of the same faces I’m happy to see again: Ivey, Dwan and Negreanu. I find it interesting that Antonius, Dwan, and Ivey each bought in with $500k, as opposed to the $200k everyone else bought in for (Negreanu bought in for the $346k that he had remaining from previous session). I wonder if Dwan, Ivey, and Antonius feel more comfortable with bigger stacks, or if others feel less comfortable with smaller stacks against them.

WSOP introduces voting for the TOC

Each time the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions has been held, it’s been an amazing event.Originated by Mike Sexton, the WSOP TOC always sees poker’s greatest players battle it out for the prestigious title. Aside for the chance to increase visibility and their bankrolls, one of the nice benefits for whoever gets a chance to play in the TOC is that they’re freerolling! It isn’t often that players of this stature get to try and win money without putting down any of their own… In the past, participants had to either be invited to participate in the exclusive event or win their seat. This year, however, there’s a BIG change! For the first time ever, we, the poker fans, can vote who we want to see into the event! While there are still a couple “sponsor exemptions” and some automatic berths for past TOC and WSOP champions, fans…