Vanessa Selbst, shown here winning a WSOP bracelet
Vanessa Selbst

Proving that her recent North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Mohegan Sun $750,000 win wasn’t a fluke, Vanessa Selbst scored big again at the €8,500 buy-in main event of the Partouche Poker Tour. This prestigious win in a field of 764 players is Selbst’s biggest success to date, carrying a €1.3 million payday.

Despite this, and despite Selbst overcoming a tough final table, which included French poker superstar Fabrice Soulier (who finished 3rd), her win wasn’t the biggest story to emerge from the event.

With the Partouche Poker Tour having what’s commonly becoming known as the “other” November 9, only 8 participants took their seats in Cannes, France at the Palm Beach Casino to finish up the poker play. Why only 8 participants? Because a one Ali Tekintamgac was caught cheating and his chips were removed from the tournament.

Apparently, Tekintamgac had been receiving hand signals about his opponents’ holdings from collaborators on the rail. Thankfully, the investigative authorities were on the ball and caught the cheat before he could’ve permanently stained the event’s reputation with a final table appearance.

Also commendable, tournament organizers donated Tekintamgac’s (potential) winnings to charity.

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