Texas Hold’em


Texas Hold ‘Em Rules vs. Casino Hold ‘Em

The beloved game of poker takes many different forms, the most popular of which is Texas Hold’em. Many casinos have tried to capitalize on the game’s popularity by offering something called Casino Hold’em, where one plays against the house rather than other players. While the two games might be related, they’re certainly not the same. Read this post to better understand the differences between the two.

New Contenders for the Throne: The Future of Poker Might Not Be in Hold’em

As more and more players are mastering Texas Hold’em, the game is slowly but surely diminishing in popularity. New poker variants like Short Deck Hold’em and stalwarts like Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) are standing at the ready to provide the excitement that “fun players” are looking for. Perhaps the clock is ticking on NLHE’s reign atop poker’s throne?

What Are the WORST Texas Hold’em Starting Hands?

The great Kenny Rogers advised us all to “know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em.” Part of knowing when to fold’em implies that you’ll understand when your starting hand is simply atrocious. Perhaps you’re familiar with the notorious deuce-seven as the worst possible Texas Hold’em starting hand… but what about other horrible hands?

In this article we list some of the worst possible starting hands to get dealt in Texas Hold’em. Do yourself a favor: memorize them, and then forget about ever playing them at the tables.

How Does Open-Face Chinese Poker Differ from Hold’em?

In this poker tips and strategy post, we list and then elaborate on the main differences between Texas Hold’em and Open-Face Chinese Poker. It’s the most popular poker discipline versus the hottest up-and-coming variation of the game. We cover the basics, hand values, how the games are scored, and much more. Read on to discover what makes Open-Face Chinese Poker so attractive to the tens of thousands who regularly play the game.