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THE FESTIVAL Launches a New Poker-Casino-Sports Betting Live Gambling Series this June

The Festival is set to launch the first ever live poker-casino-sports betting hybrid event series this summer, from June 7-13, in Tallinn, Estonia.

Founded by Martin Franke von Zweigbergk, The Festival promises to offer tons of great poker and gambling fun along with loads of parties and destination activities making it a vacation for players and their significant others.

The Best Sporting Events for Poker Players to Bet on in Fall 2019

As summer turns into fall, a number of great sporting events are on the horizon. As they love to bet not only at the felt, but also on sports, poker players will be sure to make many wagers on the outcome of numerous popular sporting competitions.

In this article, James Guill lists some of the best sporting events coming up on the calendar that poker players will surely be betting on.

Ask the Poker Experts: What Does Legal U.S. Sports Betting Mean for Online Poker?

In the wake of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning PASPA, confusion, hope, and trepidation are running amok among the poker playing community. At the end of the day, we just want to know what sort of effect this has on playing legal, regulated online poker.

Our panel of experts, comprised of David Huber, Preston Oade, Steve Ruddock, Adam Small, and Mac VerStandig tackles the issue from multiple angles and collectively give a comprehensive answer that serves to dispel any confusion online poker fans might have.