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Upswing Poker’s Master Short Deck Hold’em: A Thorough Review

If you’ve tuned into poker broadcasts or have been paying attention to what’s buzzing in poker media lately, you’ll know that Short Deck Hold’em is on the rise, specifically popularized in part by the Triton Poker high roller tournament series. As more people become interested in Short Deck, it would seem sensible to try and study and improve so that you can beat the competition.

Upswing Poker’s Master Short Deck Hold’em course, by Kane Kalas, is the only comprehensive set of training materials dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about the game. With over 27 hours of material from one of the top poker pros who’s seen his share of Short Deck Hold’em success, this course will have you winning in no time!

New Contenders for the Throne: The Future of Poker Might Not Be in Hold’em

As more and more players are mastering Texas Hold’em, the game is slowly but surely diminishing in popularity. New poker variants like Short Deck Hold’em and stalwarts like Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) are standing at the ready to provide the excitement that “fun players” are looking for. Perhaps the clock is ticking on NLHE’s reign atop poker’s throne?

Let’s See What This Short Deck Hold’em Craze Is All About

Short Deck Hold’em seems to be everywhere in 2018. Originating in Asia a couple years ago, the game has gone mainstream, with high-stakes Short Deck Poker tournaments being broadcast to large audiences of poker fans eager to learn the new variant.

In this article, Geoff Fisk explains what an experienced poker player can expect when giving Short Deck Hold’em a try for the very first time. There are some critical adjustments you’ll need to make both in terms of understanding a different set of rules as well as implementing a new set of strategies.