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3 Valuable Tips to Exploit Recreational Players

Recreational poker players show up at the tables to enjoy themselves. While they don’t “play by the book” and can often put more seasoned players in confusing spots, you need to embrace their presence at the felt.

Since most of the money you win at poker will come from recreational players, it’s important to know how to exploit their tendencies. Here, then, is a list of three tips for how to do just that.

Witnessing ‘The Tank’ Get Shattered

Poker has gotten tougher to win at than ever before, which makes it that much more difficult for newer players to build up the courage to take a seat at the felt. Ridiculing such inexperienced players is literally the worst course of action for veteran players to take.

In this op-ed, Mike Patrick recounts a scene he witnessed at the table that quite frankly made him sick, where one of the regs decided to “shatter the tank.” The lessons should be obvious to anyone reading this article.

Playing Poker for the Love of the Game

Last time I played poker in Atlantic City, I was able to internalize an important poker lesson. As a result, I had one of the best poker sessions I’ve ever experienced. I’m not referring to how much money I walked away from the poker tables with, but rather the experience I took with me from that poker session. Playing poker for the love of the game is something every recreational poker player should strive for at all times. Read on to better understand what I mean by that.

5 Items on Every Recreational Poker Player’s Bucket List

Though every recreational poker player dreams of the ultimate poker fantasies, like winning millions of dollars in the WSOP Main Event, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. However, there are a number of poker experiences that it’s possible for recreational players to have at least once in their lives. If you’re able to cross any of these items off your poker bucket list, you’ve definitely got a poker life highlight to look back on. Read on to see what made the list.