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How I Grew BBO Poker Tables to Become the Industry Leader

It’s always amazing to read success stories from the poker world. One such success story belongs to George Chao, the founder of BBO Poker Tables. In this special blog post, George treats us to the story of how he founded the company and has grown it over the past decade-plus to become the industry leader.

Collaborating with TV and film companies, the World Poker Tour, and even the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, BBO Poker Tables’ is a story you have to read to believe.

Raising the Stakes? Be Sure You’ve Got the Right Poker Table

Mention the phrase “home game” to any recreational poker player and you’re sure to bring a smile to their face. Each and every poker fan has visions of fun poker nights with their buddies. But what table are you envisioning in that picture?

Depending on the stakes you play for, and how far along you are in your “home game journey”, you want to be sure you have the appropriate setting, and playing surface, on which to create those fun memories.

9 Topics You Can Always Discuss at the Poker Table

Sitting at one of those poker tables where silence is just a bit too golden? Get your fellow live poker players to put away their headphones and open up a bit by stirring up some engaging conversation with your tablemates. We’re happy to provide you with a laundry list of possible topics to talk about that’ll ensure you’ll all have a blast socializing with one another while playing live poker. Read on for the specifics.

9 Topics You Should Never Discuss at the Poker Table

Whether you’re a recreational poker player or a seasoned pro, you’re likely to prefer sitting at a fun poker table. Animated conversation always complements poker action well. But if the conversation at the poker table turns to any of these 9 topics, chances are the atmosphere will turn sour quickly. Here’s a list of topics you should never talk about at the poker table along with the reasons those topics should remain taboo.

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