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Poker-Fighter Training: A Review

Poker-Fighter training is unique in that it gives you a comfortable. risk-free environment in which to learn. The methodology is unique in that it teaches like a strategy guide but plays like a game. Beyond that Poker-Fighter’s step-by-step tutorials help you progressively improve your poker knowledge and, of course, your game.

Plus, you can learn from your PC or laptop as well as on your mobile device, with Poker-Fighter’s all-new app!

After you learn more about this innovative approach to poker training, we’re positive you’ll want to download the software or the app immediately to give Poker-Fighter a try!

A Review of the PokerVIP School Learning Software

There’s a lot of poker training software out there these days, so for a player looking to improve his or her game it’s important to understand what makes each product different and stand out among the competition. This blog post is a review of the PokerVIP School learning software. It’s unique selling point, in my opinion, is that it makes a game out of the learning process, which works well in terms of encouraging you to keep on learning more. Curious what I mean by that? Check out the full software review.