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Review: The Poker Math & Preflop Workbook

With all of the hi-tech, interactive poker study tools out there nowadays, it might seem like working with pencil and paper is old fashioned and outdated. The Poker Workbook, by James “SplitSuit” Sweeney proves that idea to be completely untrue.

Enabling a player to study and work out all of the many calculations poker requires, if you’re serious about studying and improving your mathematical skills at the tables, the Poker Workbook is an excellent resource to utilize and train with.

The Math vs. The Read

WSOP bracelet winner Chris Wallace understands the importance of math in poker all too well. He also knows that sometimes one needs to go with their read, despite what the math of a particular poker situation might dictate the correct action is.

In this article, Chris outlines a recent quandary he faced in a tournament, to act in accordance with the poker math or to toss it in favor of his read. See what he chose and whether he was correct.