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Interview with Jessica Dawley

Jessica Dawley is turning heads in poker – and it’s not just because of her looks. She’s earned numerous interviews, TV appearances, and poker sponsorships after having shown consistently strong results at the tables. As with any fresh face in poker, fans are usually eager to know more about the person they keep on seeing being talked about. Jessica was kind enough to take the time to answer our questions in this exclusive interview.

Interview with Vanessa Selbst

While playing at EPT Prague, Vanessa Selbst was kind enough to sit with us for a few minutes and grant us an exclusive interview. Poker fans who have followed Vanessa’s career already know that she’s one of the most accomplished pros who has ever played the game. What’s not as well known are Vanessa’s passions away from the felt. This interview explores those topics, specifically Vanessa’s legal and charity work. We hope you enjoy this up-close look at the lifestyle of one of the top poker players in the world.

A Rare Conversation with Joey Ingram

One of the things I love being able to do with this poker blog is turn the mic around on those who produce poker content. Though he’s not “officially” a member of the poker media, “Chicago” Joey Ingram has built a tremendous following over the years amongst hard core poker fans who love listening to and watching his interviews and conversations with the world’s top online poker pros and other behind-the-scenes people in the poker community.

His face and voice are familiar to practically everyone, but it’s ultra rare for Joey to “give up the host’s seat” and allow someone else to ask the questions. So, big shout out and thank-you to Joey for graciously allowing me to “conversate” with him. I hope everyone out there enjoys what he has to say.

Interview with Jake Cody

Jake Cody was kind enough to grant us an interview. Beyond tracing his path from anonymity to poker success, Cody went into detail about balancing life away from the felt along with poker pursuits. He also told us about some of the philanthropic work he engaged in with Right to Play International, a very worthy charitable cause. Check out the interview to learn more about what makes Cody tick, to see what else he hopes to achieve in his poker career, and to perhaps learn some important lessons about living a poker lifestyle.

10 Questions with 2015 WSOP Main Event Champ Joe McKeehen

Joe McKeehen burst onto the poker scene with a dominating win at the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. With a huge chip lead going into the November Nine, McKeehen was pretty much unstoppable on his way to claiming the title. He sat down with us for a short interview so we could learn a little bit more about his prowess at the table as well as his plans for the future.