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Interview with Eric Hollreiser

An exclusive, hour-long video interview with PokerStars’ Marketing Director Eric Hollreiser. For the first time ever, he publicly opens up about his own accomplished career prior to joining The Stars Group, talks about what things were like internally at PokerStars in the wake of Black Friday, and shares a behind-the-scenes look at what working at the company is like on a day-to-day basis as well as at the major live events it stages around the world.

Eric also reflects on the recently completed PokerStars Players Championship, and shares his honest thoughts on what else we can expect from him and the world’s largest poker site moving forward. Eric rarely gives interviews, and has never before done an hour-long on-the-record video, so I hope you enjoy this special look at someone who personifies the heart and soul of what PokerStars stands for.

Interview with PokerList CEO Lukas Nachtman

Lukas Nachtman isn’t just in poker for the business aspects; he loves playing the game and having fun as a recreational player. His passion and experiences looking for live poker rooms to play at in Europe drove him to become the CEO of PokerList.

In this interview, we learn about Lukas’ personal poker story as well as how the app has developed and flourished since inception. An interesting read about an individual who’s just as passionate about his poker as his business.

Interview with Malta Poker Festival Founder Ivonne Montealegre

The 2018 Malta Poker Festival was a big hit and much of that can be owed to the efforts put in by its founder Ivonne Montealegre. With two decades of experience in the poker industry, she’s had an incredible career that we explored in this interview. We also talk about the ingredients that helped make the inaugural Malta Poker Festival such a resounding success and the hard work and effort put in by so many people behind the scenes to pull it all off.

Interview with Dara O’Kearney

Dara O’Kearney found poker relatively late in life, after the age of 40. In the decade since, he’s gone on to become one of Ireland’s most successful players, both in the live and online realms. He’s also scored a coveted sponsorship deal with Unibet, which is exceedingly rare for anyone over the age of 50 to have.

Dara is committed to using his platform for advancing the cause of growing the game of poker in general, but by marketing it to older players in particular. We talk about this, as well as his entire career arc and how he first got into the game in this interview.

Interview with Molly Bloom

An interview with the “poker princess” Molly Bloom, who famously organized private poker games for celebrities and Hollywood elites.

Her bestseller autobiography was made into the hit Hollywood film “Molly’s Game,” directed by Aaron Sorkin.

We talk with Molly at the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest about the dramatic changes in her life over the past few years, the state of her involvement with poker these days, and – of course – get her thoughts on the feature film.