Nolan Dalla


A Stroll Around Poker’s Hallowed Halls at the WSOP

Pretty much every single poker fan has watched the World Series of Poker on TV. When you’ve been doing so for over a third of your life, but haven’t yet experienced it in person, you get serious FOMO.

My maiden trip out to the WSOP was full of incredible experiences, some of which I’ve documented in this blog post about what it’s like to walk around the Rio, and through it’s famed hallways.

I hope you enjoy.

Politics in Poker: My Final Thoughts (Video)

The poker world has been buzzing about the “politics in poker issue” for the better part of two weeks since Daniel Colman and Olivier Busquet donned “Free Palestine” and “Save Gaza” T-shirts. In this video, I give a timeline of events and mention the main people who’ve been vocal on the issue. I also respond to Nolan Dalla’s video and give my final thoughts, crystallizing my feelings on the place of politics in poker. Enjoy.

Poker Night in America = Poker’s Next Big Thing

Poker’s “Next Big Thing” is about to debut on TV. I’m talking about Poker Night in America. After you start watching this show, you’ll be talking about it too. It’s all prepped and reared to bring the fun back to poker and bring poker fans back to their televisions to watch. With a cast of poker characters that’s simply too awesome to turn away from, Poker Night in America is a winner. Here’s my analysis of why this show is practically guaranteed to be a HUGE hit.

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