Lee Jones


Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast Ep. #349: Tommy Angelo and Lee Jones

Famed poker coaches Tommy Angelo and Lee Jones come on the show to discuss their great new project called PokerSimple. Our hosts also welcome Steve Fredlund and the RecPoker Podcast to the Cardplayer Lifestyle podcast family.

BBO Poker Tables’ George Chao has a great segment on poker table armrests, and Ben Ludlow takes aim at poker’s finest complainers as the WSOP rises over the distant horizon.

Interview with PokerStars’ Director of Poker Communications Lee Jones

Along with my Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast co-host Bruce Briggs, I recently interviewed Lee Jones, the Director of Poker Communications at PokerStars. Lee is also a publisher poker book author and, of course, a home game enthusiast. He tells us some home game tales, as well as all about his role as a “Poker Evangelist” in Episode 267 of our podcast. Listen to the whole episode, which includes the interview with Lee starting at the 18-minute mark. You can also read the summarized transcript.