Eugene Katchalov


A Stroll Around Poker’s Hallowed Halls at the WSOP

Pretty much every single poker fan has watched the World Series of Poker on TV. When you’ve been doing so for over a third of your life, but haven’t yet experienced it in person, you get serious FOMO.

My maiden trip out to the WSOP was full of incredible experiences, some of which I’ve documented in this blog post about what it’s like to walk around the Rio, and through it’s famed hallways.

I hope you enjoy.

Interview with Eugene Katchalov

There’s a lot more to Eugene Katchalov than just being a sponsored PokerStars PRO team member. Beyond his tremendous success at the poker tables, he’s also worked hard to achieve a balanced life away from the tables. From his recent engagement to his business interests and investments, Katchalov is certainly one of the more unique poker pros out there. We caught up with him for an interview, which we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading.

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