Poker Etiquette: The Right Way to Help Your Buddies Play Better

Are your poker buddies having a rough time at the felt? Etiquette dictates that you have to resist the temptation to take it easy on them if you’re facing one another. You can help your buddies get better at poker though, and there are plenty of ways to do this.

Here’s our list of five ethically-approved ways to assist your poker playing buddies. Give ’em a shot next time you see they’re suffering through a tough stretch.

Top 5 Poker Etiquette Rules You MUST Follow

Just because you know poker’s hand rankings doesn’t mean you understand everything there is to know about how to play the game. Beyond strategy, there’s a litany of poker etiquette rules that players must follow. Unfortunately, not everyone is always capable of doing so.

Here’s our list of five of the most important poker etiquette rules to follow. Even if you know them and abide by them, they’re worthwhile to review, if only to share them (politely) with other players when the situation warrants it.

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