David Lappin


Ask the Poker Experts: Help! I’m Too Scared to Move Up in Stakes!

Professional poker players Lena Evans, Maureen Bloechlinger, Jamie Kerstetter, and David Lappin form our panel of poker experts this month to answer a common question among recreational players, namely when it’s appropriate to move up in stakes.

Beyond explaining the mathematical components to the answer, they also collectively tackle the psychological issues at play, as well as point out the important role of timing and game selection.

Interview with David Lappin

One of the kindest, friendliest poker ambassadors out there is David Lappin, the Irishman who proudly represents Unibet Poker.

In this 40-minute video interview, we take a look at David’s career in poker since he began over a decade ago and listen to him chart out what his life has been like since first starting to play the game

It’s a delightful interview with a great person, for whom we couldn’t be happier that he’s found success in poker and life.