Ask the Poker Experts: Am I Being Too Paranoid About Online Poker?

Countless online poker players have questioned whether sites are rigged and wondered about the extent to which it’s possible for malicious software to be used against them at the virtual felt.

Our panel of experts, comprised of Eddie Harari, Michael Josem, Jonathan Little, Avi Rubin, and James ‘Splitsuit’ Sweeney, tackles the issue from multiple angles. Collectively, they give a comprehensive answer that serves to address the concerns of even the most skeptical online poker players.

Poker Tips By George: Dirty Poker (Part I)

Written by legendary casino cheat Richard Marcus back in 2006, Dirty Poker remains a fascinating read. Though some parts have become somewhat dated, due to technological advancements in enhancing poker security, this book is highly intriguing.

Of specific interest to poker fans, Marcus reveals common cheating methods used online (relatively dated), in live poker rooms (slightly dated) and in home games (still VERY relevant). Certainly worth the time it takes to read this book.

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