Atlantic City


5 Reasons Why It’s Still Worth Visiting Atlantic City to Play Poker

Much ink has been spilled about the ongoing demise of Atlantic City. It’s heyday was long ago, and multiple casinos and poker rooms have been lost to the dustbin of history. With that said, Atlantic City is still a great place to play poker and you can certainly find reasons to pay a visit.

Here, then, are five reasons poker players ought to consider a visit to Atlantic City.

Only If You Bring Them (Poker Players) Will They Come

With multiple PokerStars-sponsored live events having taken place in Atlantic City New Jersey this year only managing to deliver low attendance figures, here’s an op-ed that suggests one way to ensure that more poker players come to play.

While online marketing can be successful if you get potential poker players to click a few times, the key to live event marketing is making it as easy as possible for the poker players to come to the event destination. In the case of Atlantic City, New Jersey events, that means you’ve gotta bus players in.

Playing Poker for the Love of the Game

Last time I played poker in Atlantic City, I was able to internalize an important poker lesson. As a result, I had one of the best poker sessions I’ve ever experienced. I’m not referring to how much money I walked away from the poker tables with, but rather the experience I took with me from that poker session. Playing poker for the love of the game is something every recreational poker player should strive for at all times. Read on to better understand what I mean by that.