American Poker Awards


Will the Poker World See Doug Polk 2.0 in 2018?

In many ways, 2017 was “the year of Doug Polk” as far as poker was concerned. Nonetheless, that story didn’t necessary play itself out at the American Poker Awards, where Polk ended the night emptyhanded.

This appeared to serve as some sort of wake-up call, however, with Doug releasing a video heralding a “face turn” and that it’s time for him to change his tone. What follows is our analysis, and some speculation on what to expect from Doug in the future.

5 Categories Missing from the 2nd Annual American Poker Awards

The inaugural American Poker Awards ceremony was a resounding success. The categories of awards being given out in this second year have been altered somewhat, but it seems that perhaps a few more ought to have been added in order to recognize more people who contribute to the growth and promotion of poker. This op-ed piece suggests the categories of awards that seem to be missing from this year. There’s also a creative suggestion that perhaps might be adopted for the future.

Why the Global Poker Index’s American Poker Awards Matter

Unless you’re deeply involved in the poker industry, you may not be aware that the Global Poker Index will be hosting the inaugural American Poker Awards show later this week, on February 27th. This op-ed piece, from a recreational poker player, explains why the event, and the Global Poker Conference immediately preceding it, ought to matter to even casual poker players and fans of the game.

3 Things the GPI’s American Poker Awards Has Accomplished

If you’re a fan of poker, by now you’ve surely heard about the inaugural American Poker Awards ceremony, scheduled to take place in Beverly Hills in late February, just after the conclusion of the first ever Global Poker Conference. Though the event is still a month away, the Global Poker Index (GPI) Network, which will be producing the events, has already succeeded in 3 big ways.