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As promised, here are some premium discounts on products I can whole-heartedly recommend. I also want you to know that I recieve an affiliate commission for any products you buy from this page, and the comission is based upon the discounted price. This means that I make less money per sale, but I’m OK making less so long as you get even more value. Hopefully you see this as a win/win and thank you so much for your support!

The Poker Math & Preflop Workbook

Normally $39 · CPL Special Price: $19 (50% OFF!)

Does poker math still make you a little nervous? Still not 100% sure how to calculate pot odds, estimate EV, or count combos on the fly? 

This workbook from James “SplitSuit” Sweeney helps you bridge the gap between theory and practice through focused repetition of situations and calculations. You will learn key concepts, internalize the formulas, complete exercises that put them to use, and develop a well-rounded understanding of universal poker math. Each drill improves your retention and builds an intuition that you will use in every session you ever play.

There are 1,500+ calculations to complete, a full answer key, and principles that apply to ANY No Limit Holdem game. Examples in the workbook are from both cash games and tournaments.

Includes the complete 252-page ebook, the answer key, and spreadsheets to complete exercises quicker.

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The GTO Crash Course

Normally $79 · CPL Special Price: $49 (40% OFF!)

Have you heard of GTO, but aren’t 100% sure what it is or how it even applies to modern poker?

This Crash Course from Red Chip Poker breaks down GTO poker in a way that you will fully understand. Get a 10,000-foot view of game theory optimal strategy by seeing GTO through the lens of “toy games” that build up to complex applications of this approach.

The goal of this series is to teach you about GTO quickly so you can nail down the basics – not to bog you down in a course that will take you months to complete. Each video guides you through the key takeaways and highlights how a strategy rooted in GTO can solidify your entire playbook.

Includes the complete 9-video series, a 60-page strategy guide, quiz with answers, and all GTO+ files.

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The Hand Reading Lab

Normally $497 · CPL Special Price: $199 (60% OFF!)

Hand reading in poker is both an art and a science. There is a methodology to assigning better ranges and understanding what your opponent is doing with each hand they hold. 

And no matter what plays you want to run – a solid hand reading skillset is vital.

This course from James “SplitSuit” Sweeney fully explains hand reading at a professional level. See how ranges get applied preflop, whether your opponents are calling your raises or you are facing aggression. Learn how your opponents are building their postflop ranges and how you can best take advantage of them. Then, examples and exercises will show you how to turn this technical skillset into profit.

Includes the complete 27-video series, homework, a Flopzilla license, custom Flopzilla range presets, bonus video “How To Hand Read Live TAGs”

Just enter the code ROBBIE at checkout to apply your discount.

One Year PRO Membership

Normally $495 · CPL Special Price: $349 (30% OFF!)

The PRO Membership at Red Chip Poker has everything you need to improve your game and make 2020 your best year ever. With hundreds of in-depth training videos spanning everything from bet sizing to hand history reviews to PLO to the mental game to increasing aggression – you will find tons of material to solidify your overall strategy.

PRO also includes complete access to CORE ($260/year value) so you can build your foundational skills alongside your intermediate and advanced skills. On top of that, you get a seat in an online group coaching session each month as well as replays of all previous sessions.

If you are looking for a one-stop place to study poker and make consistent improvements to your strategy – there is no better product on the market at this price point.

Includes instant 24/7 access to every Red Chip Poker PRO video, CORE, group coaching sessions, all Crash Courses, and the forum. 

Just enter the code ROBBIEPRO in Step 3/Billing Info to apply the discount.

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