Andrew Brokos is a great friend of the RecPoker podcast and he joins us again to talk about the release of his new book, Play Optimal Poker 2 with a focus on constructing ranges. In addition to discussing the book, we talk a bit about the impact of the pandemic on Andrew’s personal approach to poker as well as poker overall.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:05 Welcoming in our “friend” Andrew Brokos
2:12 Andrew Brokos: Reflecting on Play Optimal Poker
13:34 Andrew Brokos: Discussing Play Optimal Poker 2
21:57 Andrew Brokos: Thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on poker
36:02 Andrew Brokos: Board Coverage
50:45 Andrew Brokos: Where to find out more
53:55 Round Robin: SteveTaylor Rail, OPaH, Merch
56:00 Round Robin: John – Home Game Updates, Winners & O Canada strategizing
1:06:52 Round Robin: Rob – Book Study update (Matt Matros, The Game Plan)
1:08:45 Round Robin: Chris – Membership Content (Strat Chat & Seminar)
1:09:52 Round Robin: Taylor’s LPP $10k final table experience
1:12:30 Round Robin: Andrew – Learning with Partners update
1:14:00 Closing comments & thank sponsors
Andrew Brokos