Ben Hayles and Merv Harvey are the co-hosts of the Postflop Poker Podcast and generally great guys! Ben “gamb64” Hayles is a poker player, coach, author and content provider. At you will find the Postflop Poker Podcast (PPP), 13 poker books, the PTP video series, blogs, and information on Ben’s 1-to-1 coaching services.

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Time Stamps


0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:00 Ben & Merv: Welcome
2:40 Ben & Merv: The Postflop poker origin story
8:00 Ben & Merv: The Postflop music award presentation & Merv’s birthday
9:45 Ben & Merv: Hand History in Postflop ICM situation
54:35 Ben & Merv: Connecting with Ben, Merv, & Postflop Poker
57:15 Ben & Merv: Merv playing the RecPoker online tournament
59:20 Panel discussion after Ben & Merv
1:01:10 Home Game Updates (including Social Distancing Series)
1:04:53 Bronze and Silver Pins Update (hint: they have been mailed!)
1:05:40 RecPoker Membership Content Updates
1:06:05 Play & Hang coming up with Maria Ho, Chris Moneymaker, and Lexy Gavin!
1:08:35 Learning with Partners update
1:09:33 Book Study update
1:11:30 HUGE NEWS from Taylor – finalist in the LearnProPoker $10k challenge
1:16:30 Relaunch of update
1:17:12 Realization that Steve has to sing O Canada!
1:21:00 Closing Comments

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