In this crazy time in history, each of our regular RecPoker panelists are being affected in different ways. The crew does a check-in on how they are getting along during the coronavirus pandemic. The strategy portion of the show is centered on a hand Chris Jones played recently online. Opening from the hijack and facing a 3-bet from the small blind, followed by an Ace-high flop. Great discussions on what is optimal pre-flop and post-flop, especially with focus on stack sizes, tournament situation, bet sizing, and player type.

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Time Stamps


0:00 Welcome & Introduction
1:10 RecPoker “Top Two”
2:35 Panel check-in: Coronavirus situations for the panel
19:00 Poker hand analysis: Chris Jones AK from the Hijack facing a 3-bet
59:23 Home Game Updates (including Social Distancing Series)
1:05:10 RecPoker Membership Content Updates: Seminar & Premium Partner Content Sharing
1:08:22 Closing Comments



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